The Hidden Ingredient Making You Fat

Have you ever thought you were eating ‘clean’ and still couldn’t lose weight?

You’re having chicken and vegetables each night and your weight is STILL going up? There may be a secret ingredient you are forgetting that is causing you to put on weight. The sauce….

I recently had a new client sign on for training with me and when she brought in her food diary I was quietly surprised. A little treat on the weekends and other that than it was really clean…. BUT… Little did she realise the one key ingredient she was forgetting to put in her food diary was the reason she was putting on weight.

She was completely unaware how much of a role sauces were playing in her diet. In fact it was playing such a massive role that she managed to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks once she cut the sauces out.

Here are two examples of how different sauces can be.

Firstly- We’ve got a Mango Chutney (with an AROMATIC blend of SWEET mango and Indian spices, sounds impressive hey?) Take a look at the 100g table on the right hand side (when comparing always use the 100g column as the “per serve” column might not be relative) it’s got 29.2g per 100g of sugar!

That’s horrendous!

Compare that with the wholegrain Mustard (which don’t get me wrong, still has crap in it) but that’s only 2.1g of sugar per 100. Chutney has 10 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF SUGAR as a mustard.

Here is your plan of attack:

1) When you go to the supermarket make sure you compare the sauces and look at the sugar content (remember, look at the 100g panel)

2) Try to minimise the amount of sauces you are having – most of them are full of crap.

3) Replace your sauces with other ingredients such as freshly squeezed lemon, salt, pepper, herbs and spices and olive oil.
Good luck!

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