The healing powers of Japanese tea

Japanese tea has long been known to treat ailments and boost the immune system. But what else can it do?

Green tea is known to be the healthiest beverage for the body, packed with a variety of nutrients and minerals that aid in a multitude of ways. Everything from how the tea grows, harvested and consumed is unique and to other teas, and as a naturopath, nutrionist and author of WellnessJess Blair knows all about it. "Japanese tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body," she explains. Here, Jess reveals the powerful forces in drinking Japanese tea:


Matcha tea is unique from other teas from the beginning of its growth. "Green matcha tea is grown in the shade for three or four weeks before it's harvested," Jess explains. "The tea is higher in caffeine compared to other teas and has the amino acid, L-theanine."

The strength of caffeine in the tea combined with the L-thenanine makes a synergy to create higher brain stimulation, allowing the brain to react faster, become more vigilant and have a stronger memory. 

The L-thenanine also encourages anti-anxiety in the brain, helping to reduce stress and heighten concentration.

Nutrients and compounds

Green tea is rich in a nutrient called polyphenol, which is known for its anti-inflammatory agents. 

While the tea is largely made from this nutrient, it also embodies a unique plant compound called EGCG which has a multitude of natural benefits. It has the ability to reduce inflammation, aid in weight loss by promoting metabolism, protect the immune system and help prevent heart and brain disease, Jess explains. It's one of the strongest componds in green tea and is the fighting force.

With the combination of these two agents, they protect cells and molecules from free radicals in the body which bring on premature skin ageing and other health issues.


And while there are a variety of internal body benefits, Jess provides another secret hack that could help your day to day life. As she reveals, "Drinking sencha tea through every meal is encouraged as it can prevent bad breath and germs."

Yep - green tea fights bacteria in the mouth that causes gum disease and tooth decay, so just a swirl around every day can be a natural and effective alternative to mouthwash! 

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