The Healing Powers of Crystals!

Feeling down? Need a boost? Hoping for good health? Here’s our expert guide to the power of crystals by astrologer Michele Finey.

The facts about crystals

Crystals, whether they are precious or semi-precious stones, are imbued with the energy of the moment in time, perhaps millions of years ago, when they were formed deep in the earth’s crust. Treasured for their intrinsic beauty, crystals also possess powerful healing vibrations.

Crystals are formed in a variety of ways. Some stones have been subjected to enormous pressure, some are formed through the action of water, and others have been laid down in layers over long time periods. All are comprised of a certain structure and natural geometry.

There are seven main shapes: triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, parallelograms, trapeziums and rhomboids, which form a variety of three-dimensional crystalline structures. All crystals contain a mix of minerals and vibrate at particular electro-magnetic frequencies. Crystals both absorb and transmit energy.

The traditional meaning of crystals comes mainly from Arabian sources and other regions of Asia, including Ayurvedic and Chinese cultures. The qualities associated with various stones are also derived from medieval folklore and shamanic ritual, including written sources that have filtered down through time. The practice of using stones for healing was adopted widely in Europe during Medieval times.

There has long been an association between the signs of the zodiac and precious stones. This tradition has its roots in the practice of using talismans to ward off evil spells. Stones were thought to possess magical properties. Today their use has once again become popular. Apart from being used for personal adornment, the wearing of gemstones brings healing on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, according to the properties of individual crystals.

Crystals and the zodiac

Historically, crystals have been associated with particular zodiac signs because of the similarities in their energetic qualities. However, there is much confusion as to which signs correspond with which stones. In fact, there is no definitive system.

Generally speaking, red and dark coloured stones are those of the physical realm (earth and fire), yellow gems are often connected with intellectual clarity (air), green gems are stones that provide physical and emotional healing (earth and water) and the blue and violet gems are those that work on an emotional or spiritual level (water and fire), but there is far more than just colour to consider.

By no means should one only choose stones that are in keeping with one’s Sun sign or element. In fact, it may be more useful to choose stones that are associated with the qualities that we lack. For example, if one lacks drive, ambition or motivation, choosing a red stone such as ruby or red garnet will enhance confidence and stimulate the vitality. If you have a few planets in Aries, you are probably already a dynamic and energetic individual, so choosing a red stone could make you more aggressive, which is probably not desirable. On the other hand, no matter what signs are prominent in your birth chart, if your physical energy is waning, these gems will help to restore vitality.

Table 1 shows an overview of some of the associations between the signs of the Zodiac and various stones. These associations are derived from many sources and this is not a complete list by any means. Some crystals will appear under several signs.

Aries - Bloodstone, diamond, garnet, jasper, malachite, ruby, sardonyx
Taurus - Diamond, emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, opal, rose quartz, topaz
Gemini - Agate, aquamarine, chalcedony, chrysolite, citrine, crystal, topaz
Cancer - Amber, chalcedony, moonstone, opal, pearl, rhodonite, rose quartz
Leo - Beryl, diamond, fire agate, garnet, ruby, sardonyx, tiger eye
Virgo - Agate, amber, aquamarine, carnelian, chrysolite, peridot, sardonyx
Libra - Carnelian, chrysolite, diamond, jade, lapis lazuli, opal, rose quartz
Scorpio - Bloodstone, jasper, malachite, ruby, sardonyx, topaz, turquoise
Sagittarius - Amethyst, blue lace agate, moonstone, sapphire,topaz, turquoise
Capricorn - Amber, chrysoprase, fluorite, jet, obsidian, onyx, sapphire
Aquarius - Aquamarine, chalcedony, fluorite, magnetite, opal, quartz crystal
Pisces - Amethyst, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, moonstone, sapphire, turquoise

The healing power of crystals

Rather than trying to marry each stone to a particular sign of the zodiac, it is probably more relevant to just consider the various attributes of certain crystals and relate them to the particular needs you might have, whether to heal, to enhance, or to negate certain factors.

Even so, many people feel a strong connection with their birthstones, but it is important to keep in mind that there are many choices available, not just one stone for each sign.

Wearing certain stones facilitates the absorption of their energy. Stones can also be used in healing, ritual, feng shui and meditation.

It is probably a good idea to do your own research, or seek out a specialist, especially if you are planning to use gems for healing. When choosing crystals, you can also rely on your intuition to guide you. If you feel drawn to a particular gem, this could signify that you are in need of its energy.

It is important to also cleanse your crystals on a regular basis. This prevents them from becoming saturated with negative vibrations. Seawater and moonlight are two methods used, but some gems are self-cleaning, and some gems, such as Carnelian cleanse other stones.

When used in healing, crystals can be placed directly on the areas where healing is required, but they are especially powerful when used on the main energy centres or chakras.

It is important to note that some stones are potentially toxic if used in the wrong way. For example, Malachite dust is harmful if ingested or absorbed through the skin.

This section lists the attributes of some stones and common astrological associations.

Astrologer Michele Finey,, is the author of Secrets of the Zodiac Allen and Unwin, $29.95).

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