The Healing Power of Music

Our Wellbeing Expert, Sam Sargent, discovers the transformative power of music and how it can heal the body, mind and soul.

It’s universally accepted that music touches our heart, stirring emotions inside. Music can uplift, inspire revolutions, bring us to tears, and even to wars.

But what’s caught my attention recently about music, is that it heals. And I don’t mean the superficial healing of playing a song to get you in a good mood and on the ‘living room’ dance floor, although that is certainly not something to disregard. What I’m talking about is the kind of music that can heal disease in the body, or enable a doctor to perform an operation on a child without anaesthetic, or touch the soul in such a profound way that it stimulates inexplicable tears of neither sadness nor joy.

David Bailey

A little while ago I was travelling through the Pyrenees with a group of Aura-Soma practitioners. On one of the evenings we had the pleasure of being invited to an intimate concert with pianist David Bailey. I hadn’t heard of him before. Music isn’t really my thing. Sure, I love listening to all sorts of music, just as much as the next person, and I especially love listening to live music. But I haven’t made a career out of it. My chosen career is natural health, wellbeing and various healing modalities.

But back to David, who I soon learnt, has quite the resume. David Bailey has played throughout the world in various theatre and concert venues such as Victoria Palace and Paris Bercy, as well as intimate private settings for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Sir Paul McCartney and Maynard Ferguson. While this is undoubtedly impressive, what’s more so, is the gift that he has to share with the world.

Channel music

You see, David doesn’t play to sheet music. His hands play by themselves. Most people have heard of channelling either voices, automatic writing and possibly channelling of paintings. David’s gift is to channel music. Having experienced this music in person and listening to his CDs over the months that followed, there are no words to explain it. The first time I heard David play I was in tears. The melody touched my heart and soul in such a profound manner, it was as if each note was healing a part inside of me. Being the curious type I am, I was hungry for more. More music. More information about it. And more understanding of just how much of an effect music really does have on us.

So I did a deep dive in to delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves and their effect on inducing meditation, relaxation, creativity and other desired states. While I’m certainly not an expert, what I do know is that there is enough documented research and personal testimonies that all point to one thing … music can certainly have an effect on the human body and mind.

Effect on our soul

David Bailey has also become a dear friend and as I have learnt more about his life and jaw-dropping stories about people who have ‘healed’ after listening to his music, it’s as clear to me as day and night, that David’s music not only has an effect on our body and mind, but also upon our soul.

After one of David’s recording sessions, he asked the technician to leave the tape running and to record the music that his hands played ….

“We were all in tears with the power and beauty,” recounts David. “We decided to make this recording available, and a respected London Harley Street eye specialist had one for his own use. One day Mother Theresa asked him to go to India to operate on 50 children’s eyes … when he got there she had over 150 children, yet he only had enough anaesthetic for 50. He told me he went outside and asked the unseen world for help and he heard a voice to tell him to put David’s music on …. which he did and all the children relaxed and went to sleep allowing a state in which he was able to do all the operations.”

I’ve gone on to listen to dozens of David’s recordings that I choose to play at home when I’m cooking dinner, to help infuse a little love and magic in to my cooking; or if I’ve had a frustrating moment, I’ll lay on the couch and play one of his CDs to help dissipate the stress. But mostly I play his music as it is breathtakingly beautiful, and I’m a big believer in prevention over cure. Everyday we choose what we focus on. What I love to encourage is that we make conscious choices that add health and happiness to our lives, our loved ones lives, the community and beautiful planet we live upon. And lets face it, if we are less stressed and in a state of less disease, that has a huge snowball effect on everyone we interact with.

So, in the words of my dear friend David Bailey, when asked what is music?

“No one really knows. Melody, yes. Harmony, yes. And in certain circumstances music can be a vibration used to transmit inexplicable energy that is beautiful, moving and transformational.”

For further details regarding David Bailey or to purchase his CDs, please visit

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