The EatFitFood 5 Day Cleanse

Feeling like the cold months have zapped your ability to turn down creamy pastas and deep fried goodies?

I do. Winter always seems to kill my motivation to eat right and exercise.  Clearly incapable of making healthy choices for myself, I sought the help of the professionals and decided to abide by a 5 day EatFitFood Cleanse to get me back on track before the dreaded bikini season arrives.

What is it?

The 5 day EatFitFood cleanse consists of all your meals, snacks and even juice, delivered straight to your door every second day.

The meals are free of dairy, wheat, gluten, red meat, unhealthy fats, refined sugars and low-zero food chemicals and preservatives. This super healthy, whole food diet claims to improve digestive health, promote weight loss and healthy habits, as well as increasing energy and clarity. 

The food itself is highly nutritious, unprocessed whole food that is sustainably sourced and humanely produced and farmed. Another reason to feel good about trying this cleanse.

What to expect

The week begins with meals for day 1 and 2 delivered to my door in the middle of the night. It’s a fantastic system where they deliver nightly so you wake up to all of your fresh food for the day ready to go.  All the meals usually just require a simple reheat. 

The delivered cooler bags contain all my food for the next 2 days and I am excited to discover Day 1 contains:

  •  fresh juice,
  • poached eggs on gluten free toast
  • beetroot and tomato soup
  • fruit
  • specialty ‘cleanse’ muesli bar
  • A big dinner of tofu and veggies (vegetarian option)

Left to my own devices, I would never have this much variety in my diet, let alone have the time to buy, cook and prepare all of this healthy goodness for myself.  As far as diets go, I never felt hungry. In fact, as the days ticked on I found it increasingly difficult to get through all of the food.

The remainder of the week continued in much the same fashion.  Each day I was greeted with tasty breakfasts of porridge, omelettes or muesli, followed by an array of healthy snacks and filling lunches, with delicious dinners of salads, curries and noodles to finish.

The results

I received 2 major benefits from this cleanse.  The first was education.  I had no idea how much variety of healthy food was available, and my bad eating habits really came down to my choices and my laziness.  It taught me that it really is not that hard, even in winter, and that healthy food is accessible and satisfying.

Aside from the obvious benefits of portion and calorie controlled meals, the big draw for me was the convenience of not having shop, cook, calorie count or experiment with weird diet foods and the inevitable wastage of food.

I didn’t loose much weight, if any, but I definitely feel better.  I do feel more energised, less sluggish in the mornings, and best of all it gave my lazy winter attitude the kick in the pants it needed.

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By Candice Spurr


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