Your friendship compatibility according to astrology

Are you and your best friend meant to be? Read on to see if you and your bestie are a perfect match made in the cosmos.

Allow your relationship to be the best it can be by understanding the in-depth potential of your friendship according to the stars.


Being friends with a ram can be both extraordinary and challenging. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which means they start projects and friendships very quickly, diving in head first without hesitation. Having an Aries as a friend leads others to feel highly motivated, striving to be the best versions of themselves.

Aries and Aries
Aries is ruled by action planet Mars, which makes Aries and Aries jump into a friendship impulsively. This duo may lock horns from time to time due to their need for personal freedom. Both rams desire to be the numero uno friend to the other, which can be amazing when one is in need. If they argue, both rams will try to repair the relationship immediately and ensure the friendship so it’s stronger than ever.

Aries and Taurus
These friends are very different. But, their differences keep them together. Aries has a tendency to make brash comments without thinking, which can hurt the Bull’s feelings. The two may not see eye to eye, as Taurus thinks things out thoroughly and is slow to mend fences once angered. Aries, who loves to do all the work in friendships, rushes right in to make amends and may frustrated by the Bull’s stubbornness. These two do get along due to their loyal bones, however, not without some hiccups along the way.

Aries and Gemini
One of the more favorable pairings for friendship, these two genuinely enjoy spending quality time chatting it up with the other on the phone. Gemini relies on Aries for sound advice, who loves giving it. Aries shares gossip and secrets freely with the twins, as they allow the mighty ram to feel close and safe to them, like a sibling.

Aries and Cancer
Fire and water signs can put each other out, but, these two signs appreciate the emotional depth of the other in their friendship. Both signs try to put plans into motion rather fast, as they are both fast moving Cardinal signs. Issues arise when Cancer retreats into their shell, opting to be non confrontational, while Aries acts oppositely. Even if they have different emotional styles, these friends try to understand and care for the other.

Aries and Leo
While both Fire signs enjoy the other’s company, issues arise between both due to their competitive nature. Aries is often more willing to submit to the lion’s needs and Leo is likely to try to take the high road in this friendship, which can be hard as Leo tends to get slightly jealous of Aries achievements. Both want to be the best, which doesn’t make much room for mutual support, unless they are an evolved form of their signs.

Aries and Virgo
Aries and Virgo is a match that can go either way—these friends either love each other or hate each other right away. The issue is Aries is uncensored and Virgo is too careful and plays by the rules. If these two strike up a friendship, it will be based on mutual interests, leading to working together.

Aries and Libra
Opposites attract in this friendship. Libra adds much needed balance to the fast moving ram, offering help and advice to cool off Aries. The flip side, is Aries shows Libra how to be more independent and self reliant. While these two are a great match, they work best by not in the same circle of friends, as they both need emotional space.

Aries and Scorpio
Both of these signs are ruled by passionate action oriented Mars, which forces them to push the envelope. These two can move mountains together, but, with a bit of drama. Fights between the two can escalate fast, as they both try to outdo the other.

Aries and Sagittarius
What a saucy duo! These two fire signs genuinely enjoy the others company, opting to spend nights talking about higher life pursuits. Aries loves Sagittarius' intellectualism and Sag enjoys the boldness of Aries. United, they are great friends who share endless laughs.

Aries and Capricorn
These two friends challenge each other—in all the right ways! They push each other to grow, motivating each other to reach for the stars. The only caveat, is Aries tends to run off very fast and Capricorn prefers to proceed with caution, which can be promising if they find a middle ground.

Aries and Aquarius
Both Aries and Aquarius revolt authority and revel in their independence, which is why these two have an exciting friendship. As long as they let the other fly high, they can have many fun filled times.

Aries and Pisces
Sensitive Pisces serves as a compassionate ear to their bold Aries pal. This friendship works because Aries will endlessly defend their Pisces bestie, while Pisces will unconditionally support their ram.


Taurus is an extremely loyal sign—who will be your friend till the end. Always accepting the flaws of others, Taurus works hard to preserve friendships, always standing through thick and thin, no matter what consequences it may bring.

Taurus and Taurus
When two Bulls come together, expect peace, love, and understanding  to permeate the air. Taurus has found its ultimate shopping buddy and bestie for a non stop pleasure cruise. These two love to splurge on good food, wine, and luxury items, while encouraging the others artistic and sensual pursuits.

Taurus and Gemini
This pair connect by indulging similar interests, such as cooking, art, and music. Their friendship may have a slow start, as steady Taurus is suspicious of Gemini’s changeable nature. However, over time the two come together, only if Gemini has the patience to wait for Taurus to open up.

Taurus and Cancer
One of the more fruitful friendships, these two have much to gossip about and create together. Taurus allows  the crab to feel safe to walk outside their  shell and leave it’s comfort zone to go on new adventures. In return, Bull feels seen by the friendship, eager to share secrets with the crab.

Taurus and Leo
Initially, Taurus and Leo may compliment each other’s emotional needs, as both seem to understand the other. Over time, this dynamic can change, with Leo using manipulation tactics over the Bull, which in return may cause the Bull to see red, leading to arguments within the friendship.

Taurus and Virgo
This stable friendship brings light heartedness to both signs. Taurus and Virgo connect while enjoying earthy pleasures and enchanting evenings out together. Virgo acts as “wing-woman” to Taurus while out, even accepting sound advice from their Bullish bud.

Taurus and Libra
Both Taurus and Libra are rued by Venus, inspiring them to connect over artistic interests. For the most part, these friends get along. However, Libra can be a little too critical for Taurus, which can cause passive aggressive arguments between them both.

Taurus and Scorpio
These two usually commit to their friendship with caution—as they observe the others motives before making decisions. The friendship can lead to a mutual understanding of sensual tastes and exploration. However, they are both stubborn fixed signs which can lead to epic arguments, with Scorpio submitting to Taurus first.

Taurus and Sagittarius
These friends can only survive the test of time if they constantly keep each other in check. Grounded Taurus often doesn’t understand Sagittarius’s unpredictable lifestyle, which can lead to complications, such as misunderstandings and miscommunications. However, they both appreciate the honesty that exists within the friendship; the truthfulness they find in each other keeps them together.

Taurus and Capricorn
These two earthy signs get each other. When the going gets tough, they catch the other before they fall. When times are tough, they laugh it off together. This brilliant friendship stands the test of time, as they both find each other reliable, ethical, and honorable.

Taurus and Aquarius
Taurus and Aquarius value the others dedication. However, they often don’t see eye to eye beyond that. This friendship may get tense at times, due to Taurus’s rigidity and Aquarius’s quirky nature—which don’t mix well, causing a mutual lack of understanding in the friendship. However, they both will stay together—out of loyalty.

Taurus and Pisces
Both signs love discussing beauty and art, which is the basis of this friendship. Over time, Taurus may get annoyed by the flighty and flaky nature of Pisces, making it hard to commit to plans. Pisces may get over flustered by the luxurious lifestyle of the Bull, making them feel like a fish out of water in this friendship.


The Gemini friend is always on your side, offering a different take on situations, which help other signs to grow. The most relationship oriented sign of the zodiac, Gemini’s often need a friend who will be their partner in crime, or their perpetual “twinsie.” Often times, Gemini becomes joint at the hip with their BFF—which provides endless laughter and good times. And, being that Gemini is a dual sign, residing as the twin siblings in the sky—you get two friends for the price of one.

Gemini and Gemini
Four is a party with these two sets of twins. The laughter never stops, as they discuss novel ideas and trivia. Both have a thirst for excitement, only parting ways when the friendship becomes too routine and boring.

Gemini and Cancer
These cosmic neighbors know how to push each other’s buttons, as Cancer is emotional and Gemini is temperamental. However, in friendship, this unlikely duo give their all—even enjoying the other’s quirks—as long as both remain consistent.

Gemini and Leo
Gemini is an ideal friend match for Leo—only because Gemini doesn’t take offense to the lion’s constant need to be in the spotlight. Issues arise between the both, only when outside  parties interfere by spreading gossip. While slander can hurt the friendship, similar humanitarian interests bring these two together, forcing them to repair conflicts for the greater good.

Gemini and Virgo
Double Mercury trouble! The ultimate Mercurial power friends, Gemini and Virgo feel connected right away, due to their similar communication styles. These two can talk all day—only momentarily pausing  when pragmatic Virgo puts the brakes on the endless chatter.

Gemini and Libra
These two signs know how to seek out airy pleasures and enjoyments together. Libra adds creativity to Gemini’s intellectualism, by opening their favorite twin friends up to exciting new artists and visionaries. In return, Gemini teaches their lovely Libra pal about higher minded pursuits—both gaining knowledge from the friendship, making this pairing a meeting of the minds.

Gemini and Scorpio
In mythology, Mercury (Gemini’s planetary ruler) was the only God Pluto (Scorpio’s modern planetary ruler) would allow the flexibility to travel in and out of the underworld, as Pluto sought amusements from Mercury’s tales. The same rings true in their modern friendship. Scorpio gets a kick out of Gemini’s trickster nature. Both feel understood by the chameleon nature of the other, making this friendship transformative and solid. When both signs come together, their lives are forever changed by this alliance.

Gemini and Sagittarius
Sometimes opposites attract, however, this is not the case here. Sagittarius is too broad minded for Gemini, who likes to act on a smaller scale. They often do not see eye to eye as friends and disagree on their perspectives of situations. Gemini likes to talk things out, Sag likes to move on—this major emotional difference can cause conflicts in their friendship.

Gemini and Capricorn
If Capricorn trusts their Gemini pal 100 per cent, this friendship can take the other to great heights. If not, it can lead to destructive arguments fueled with jealously and mistrust. The best advice to keep these two afloat, is for both signs to tread lightly in the beginning stages their friendship, allowing this relationship to evolve naturally, over time, at a steady and slow pace.

Gemini and Aquarius
As one of the more favorable astrological friendships, these two know how to have fun together. The party only stops when Gemini puts up a boundary with Aquarius, who can become over demanding of Gemini’s time. Don’t worry, these friends never stay mad at each other for long—they express their feelings and move on swiftly.

Gemini and Pisces
Both mutable signs can be wishy washy as friends—going from highs to lows in the span of hours. These friends can get along if Gemini learns to control their fast tongue and chooses consciously to use sweet words while communicating with sensitive Pisces. 


When a crab lays its claws on you, they grab on and never let go. The  same theory applies to how Cancer acts in all friendships. Caring and nurturing by nature, the crab is a ride or die friend—always remaining by the side of their friend in need.

Cancer and Cancer
When two children of the Moon get together, the laughter and tears never stop. Who else can ride this emotional roller coaster better than another Cancer? While these two may experience ups and downs together, they rarely argue—rather, spend time discussing their feelings.

Cancer and Leo
When these two friends meet, it may take a minute for them both to adjust to the other. Leo may feel Cancer is too needy and Cancer may think Leo is too superficial. Once they spend time together, they are able to see deep within the other, and notice their sensitive souls. At the core, both the lion and the crab are kind hearted, their bark is noticeably bigger than their bite or pinch, which makes them loyal companions.

Cancer and Virgo
A friendship between Cancer and Virgo can prove to be beneficial for both. Virgo pushes Cancer to be emotionally tough, just as Cancer shows Virgo how to be less austere with others. They both teach each other how to care and love unconditionally—in very different ways.

Cancer and Libra
Together, these two have fun organising social gatherings and attending concerts and parties together, often serving as each other’s “friend date” to events.

Cancer and Scorpio
Both watery Cancer and Scorpio understand each other through their emotions. They use their intuition and psychic abilities to be in sync, which allows these friends to be on the same page. Issues only arise when they are moody, causing them to get snippy. However, these two kiss and make up fast, proving their affinity and love for their friendship.

Cancer and Sagittarius
The archer isn’t one to mince words, which can bring their crabby friend to tears. The friendship can evolve, if they both work on a higher vibration, sharing philosophical and emotional truths, which may be difficult at first. Giving the relationship time to blossom, without rushing, will allow both to see if it’s worth the effort.

Cancer and Capricorn
These friends balance each other out, often relying on the other as their emotional sound board,.Capricorn gives practical advice and Cancer offers a sensitive perspective on matters. Their differences draw these two toward each other, creating a lasting friendship.

Cancer and Aquarius
What an interesting pair! Cancer can be too straight laced for wacky Aquarius, which may cause this friendship to often be at a standstill. While both are dedicated and loyal friends, their differences may tear them apart.

Cancer and Pisces
These children of the sea are both dreamy and sensitive beings, which makes them natural besties. They innately understand the other, remaining close through time.


Leo’s try to use their fiery energy to motivate and encourage their friends. Known for their generous hearts, Leo are loyal. However, this comes with a price. Once their ego is crushed, Leo’s can assert their power and popularity to claw their one time besties eyes out, thus, making them notorious frenemies—but, only when hurt.

Leo and Leo
This friendship may have some struggles along the way, as Leo x two create more drama together than alone. A power struggle may exist, if both friends choose to compete. If they stay in their lane and use their big hearts to support each other, both can win and use their regal energy to be stronger together.

Leo and Virgo
These two astrological neighbors often find themselves scratching their heads with confusion in their friendship, as they both have very different personalities: Virgo is humble and Leo is over the top, Virgo is patient and Leo was born running. Virgo is giving and can consider Leo selfish, on the contrary, Leo may think Virgo is too critical.

Leo and Libra
These two have a soft spot for each other, adding confidence and entertainment to the friendship. The caveat, is that these two never get too deep, only keeping the relationship light hearted and superficial.

Leo and Scorpio
These two are drawn to each other, like a moth to a flame. At first, it may be an alluring friendship. However, Leo and Scorpio  notoriously do not get along—simply because Leo is the truth and Scorpio represents life’s mysteries. Their personalities and emotions are too different for them to understand the other.

Leo and Sagittarius
This fiery duo will certainly get along when they first become friends, however, the spark may burn out before they both scratch the surface, leaving Leo confused. Sagittarius will trot away faster than Leo, when things get hard in their friendship. If they both stay put, these two can have a lasting relationship based on honesty.

Leo and Capricorn
Both Leo and Capricorn appreciate the other’s sensibilities and remain true friends, even though Leo loves the glitz and glam side of life, while Capricorn remains practical and grounded. 

Leo and Aquarius
Mutual respect and admiration bring these two together. While the path to becoming besties may be challenging, they will both try to put their differences aside and try to make it work—hopefully without rocking the cradle.

Leo and Pisces
These friends will admire the other for their strength, compassion, and above all—fashion sense. Leo and Pisces connect over their desire to be better people, both can transcend into a swan, with the other by their side.


Careful by nature, Virgos do not enter friendships lightly. They often spend time deciding if the person is of interest is worth their energy, as they like to only surround themselves with positivity. Their discerning ways allow them to see the true colors of others before committing to a lifelong friendship.

Virgo and Virgo
Virgo and Virgo are a great pair, as long as they keep their criticisms to a minimum. However, their discriminatory nature may bring them together, as these two dislike and like the same foods, books, and music.

Virgo and Libra
These two share similar interests, making their friends do a meeting of the minds. Connecting over memorabilia and pop culture bring the neighboring signs together, making them lifelong alliances.

Virgo and Scorpio
Virgo and Scorpio bring out the best in each other, offering comfort and friendship in times of need. They both reassure the other of their devotion by helping calm anxieties and holding frequent deep intellectual conversations.

Virgo and Sagittarius
When Virgo gets hot, Sag goes cold and vice versa. These two become friends fast; just as fast as it’s over. Their relationship is met with speed bumps along the way, as they are almost never on the same page. Their love of philosophy will keep these friends in communication through the years. However, when the going gets tough, their patience runs thin. But, it will start and stop, then start again and stop again... their friendship will be on and off for years, until they both decide to permanently part ways.

Virgo and Capricorn
These earthy friends will bond in nature, spending time connecting in the great outdoors. They both share a sarcastic sense of humor, which will leave this pair laughing for hours.

Virgo and Aquarius
The edgy cup bearer and pristine Virgo share a joint love of holistic endeavors, allowing them to merge over health regimes and spirituality, while spending days at the spa getting joint BFF massages.

Virgo and Pisces
Virgo can be a little harsh for sensitive Pisces at times. Ironically, the two become friends over Virgo’s brash attitude, which helps Pisces add practicality and offering Virgo incentive to follow their dreams.


Libras are one of the more social signs, which allows them to be hospitable to others. Fair minded and noble, Libras often judge people and situations, as they are the only astrological sign that is an object (the scales), rather than a living being. On a good day, they are sweet as honey and kind to all their friends.

Libra and Libra
Admiring and being admired by each other are central themes of this friendship. Both hold the other in high regard at all times. Because this pairing is indecisive, it may be hard for them to set concrete plans, as they both want to be accommodating.

Libra and Scorpio
These besties thrive, if they share a mutual connection. However, it can be tough at times, due to the fact these two have very different communication styles. Libra shrugs off confrontation, while Scorpio is direct, thus, creating endless friction in this friendship.

Libra and Sagittarius
Both Libra and Sagittarius relish in high minded pursuits, which allows these friends to blossom their relationship over time. Laughter is a key part of this pairing as these thrill seekers unite.

Libra and Capricorn
The differences of these two, work in favour of bringing them closer. As friends, they help each other see different aspects of situations, broadening their scopes. Diplomatic Libra can bring innovative insights to steady Capricorn, while Capricorn cheers Libra on from the sidelines, offering support and encouragement.

Libra and Aquarius
These lovely air signs become besties right away, due to their mutual sense of style and need for autonomy in friendships, as they both do not like to be joint at the hip with their BFF.

Libra and Pisces
These besties enjoy glamour and intrigue, making them a fantastic pairing. Whether it be shopping or knocking back a few glasses of champagne—these signs are fascinated by the other.


Scorpios have the ability to love unconditionally and passionately, allowing them care about their friends. By never abandoning the ones they care for, Scorpios become powerful allies as their love has no limits.

Scorpio and Scorpio
These friends are truly devoted to each other. Passions rise when one acts out due to jealousy. However, an evolved Scorpio friendship is filled with depth and is limitless.

Scorpio and Sagittarius
These neighboring constellations do not get along, more often than not. The archer’s bow and arrow is aimed straight for the heart of the Scorpion—Sag’s truthful words can either hurt or heal their friendship.

Scorpio and Capricorn
Scorpio and Capricorn have the capacity to build a life long friendship, due to their active lifestyle and hard work mentality. Their individual desire for success can make these friends unstoppable when paired together.

Scorpio and Aquarius
Scorpio’s intense nature may scare off independent Aquarius—just temporarily! While these signs tend to be inconsistent as friends, they enjoy sharing ideas and often sparring words, for fun.

Scorpio and Pisces
As one of the most auspicious friendships of the zodiac, these watery buds spend time manifesting dreams together and fiercely protecting each other.


Honest and blunt by nature, the Sag friend can shoot straight for the heart with brutal truths when asked, however, the archer is mostly easy going and fun loving. Always up for an adventure, Sagittarius offers excitement to their friendships.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius
Their mutual enthusiasm for life allows these besties to establish a firm friendship. Whether it be backpacking around Europe or camping in the Gold Coast, these two use their joie de vivre to heighten experiences together.

Sagittarius and Capricorn
At first glance, the archer may appear to be a wild child to regimented Capricorn and the dutiful sea goat may seem too fussy to fearless Sag. Over time these friends start to appreciate the other, learning to care and nurture their differences as friends.

Sagittarius and Aquarius
Often matched together, these two start off strong, but, over time cracks begin to form in their friendship as they both find the other too fanatical for their palate.

Sagittarius and Pisces
The sky’s the limit when Sag and Pisces become friends, offering each other hopeful insights on life. Both signs love to take chances together, which gives this friendship the potential to become expansive and bigger than life.


Capricorns are the most reliable friends. Dependable, funny, and loyal, the sea goat always stand by their friends.

Capricorn and Capricorn
This pair of sea goats help the other become successful by offering encouragement, support and honesty.

Capricorn and Aquarius
Fundamentally, these friends are similar. However, Aquarius adds a bit of wildness to the friendship, while Saturn offers structure.

Capricorn and Pisces
These friends can thrive, as Capricorn anchors Pisces down from their dreamy cloud, while Pisces adds mystical fantasy to the friendship.


Aquarius has the ability to see situations from afar, which gives them a unique perspective to guide their friends whenever in need. A humanitarian by nature, the cup bearer values friends, holding them to the highest esteem and standards.

Aquarius and Aquarius
Aquarius has found its soul mate in their Aquarius bestie. These two understand each other’s quirks and need for freedom, embracing their rebellious ways. Issues only arise when both get a little competitive, creating a friendly rivalry.

Aquarius and Pisces
This idealistic duo celebrate their friendship through creation, opting to pursue artistic endeavours such as art, music, and dance together.


Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, call your Pisces pal. Emotionally soft Pisces tenderly gives to all their friends, demanding nothing in return.

Pisces and Pisces
All the world’s problems melt away when Pisces teams up with Pisces. These two use their emotional antennas to swim through life together, offering sensitivity and kindness through their transformative friendship.

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