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Break Bad Eating Habits Meal Plan - Week 1

Want to Eat Yourself Sexy? Follow Tammy's 8-week meal plan, created by nutritionist Emma Sutherland.

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  • WEEK 1 - Day 1
    Breakfast: 90g rolled oats, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 30g blueberries or Power Smoothie.
    Snack: One small apple 10 cashews.
    Lunch: 1 cup Quinoa, 30g dried cranberries, 30g chopped spring onions, 15ml balsamic vinegar, 30g chopped walnuts.
    Snack: 5 brazil nuts, 1 Banana.
    Dinner: 200g baked salmon, spring greens, baby spinach, red cabbage, snow peas and 30ml lemon juice.
    Liquids: Peppermint tea 2L water, 150ml carrot, celery, apple, mint, parsley (see turn back time juice recipe).

    WEEK 1 - Day 2
    Breakfast: 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup fresh seasonal fruit, 1 slice sourdough toast and 1 Avocado.
    Snack: 1 unrefined whole wheat pita bread and 30g hummus (see hummus recipe).
    Lunch: 1 cup spelt pasta, 15ml extra-virgin olive oil and 30g diced tomato.
    Snack: 30g mixed dried fruits.
    Dinner: 95g canned tuna on a bed of spinach, spring greens, carrots, olives, black pepper and Celtic sea salt.
    Liquids: Chamomile tea (Sleep Aid).

    WEEK 1 - Day 3
    Breakfast: 2 slices sourdough toast with local honey and 1 cup soy milk or Power Smoothie.
    Snack: 1 banana.
    Lunch: 300ml miso soup, 100g sliced tofu and bok choy.
    Snack: 5 brazil nuts.
    Dinner: 180g grilled chicken with lemon juice, ½ cup of whole grain rice and broccoli.
    Liquids: 1 cup lemongrass tea.

    WEEK 1 – Day 4
    Breakfast: 1 cup rolled oats, 80ml soy milk and 10g cinnamon.
    Snack: 10 cashews and 30g mixed dried fruit.
    Lunch: 180g chicken with Iceberg lettuce, spinach, chopped carrots, spring onions, 30g cranberries, 30g diced walnuts and 15ml vinaigrette.
    Snack: ¼ avocado on 1 whole wheat pita.
    Dinner: 200g snapper with red, yellow and orange capsicums.
    Liquids: 2L water, 150ml carrot, celery, apple, mint, parsley (see turn back time juice recipe).

    WEEK 1 - Day 5
    Breakfast: 1 egg with tomatoes on 1 slice sourdough toast or Power Smoothie.
    Snack: 5 brazil nuts and 1 orange.
    Lunch: 95g canned tuna with lemon zest, lettuce, diced onions and 2 corn thins.
    Snack: 60ml soy milk, 60ml plain yoghurt, 1 banana and 5 strawberries.
    Dinner: 1 can of mixed beans with corn, spinach, lettuce and fresh black pepper.
    Liquids: 5ml of olive oil with juice of ½ lemon.

    WEEK 1 - Day 6
    Breakfast: 1 orange, 5 strawberries, 30g blueberries and 70g plain yoghurt.
    Snack: ¼ avocado on 2 rice thins.
    Lunch: 2 eggs, 1 piece sourdough with 1 x tomato.
    Snack: Carrots and 30g hummus, 12 Tamari almonds (see hummus recipe).
    Dinner: 100g tofu with ½ whole grain rice, roasted red, yellow and orange capsicum, ½ cup broccoli, ginger and 15ml Tamari soy sauce.
    Liquids: 2L water, 150ml carrot, celery, apple, mint, parsley (see turn back time juice recipe).

    WEEK 1 - Day 7
    Breakfast: 2 slice sourdough toast, 80g ricotta, 1 teaspoon honey and cinnamon or Power Smoothie.
    Snack: 1 carrot with 4 olives.
    Lunch: 1 cup Quinoa with broccoli and 10g walnuts.
    Snack: 10 cashews and 1 banana.
    Dinner: 180g chicken with red cabbage, spinach, snow peas and lemon juice.
    Liquids: 225ml warm miso soup.


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    Posted by GloriaReport
    I really am taken by these meals and advice for
    planning them. Thank you for these marvelous meals.
    Posted by SamanthaReport
    i just had a question, can you do this diet while breast feeding?
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    i really wish someone answered your question, am on the same boat!! am piling up instead of losing :'(
    Posted by Report
    Is the rolled oats cooked or uncooked?