How PTs stay healthy on holidays

Whether I’m going on a mini-break, or a full-fledged vacay (I’m a Bali kinda girl) there are a couple of things I always do to keep my health and fitness in check.

Staying on track while you're off the clock doesn't need to be complicated or restrictive. There are just a few little things I do to keep me feeling healthy and strong on holidays.

I avoid salty airport food

Who wants to start their holidays bloated? Not me! Not only is airport food exorbitantly expensive, but it’s often loaded with salt. This increases water retention in your body, which can bloat your tummy and make your face puffy. Not the Insta-worthy look you were after! So, instead of getting food before my flight, I like to pack my own snacks. My TIFFXO Chunky Choc Bliss Balls are perfect to batch-make for travelling.

I hit the breakfast buffet (the right way)

One of the best things about fancy hotels are the breakfast buffets (well, that and the fluffy robes!). But, if you’re not careful they can be a one-way ticket to bloating and sugar crashes. Instead of getting stuck into the pastries and sugar-filled cereal, I recommend sticking to the egg bar instead – there’s often chefs to make you a veggie-packed omelette! This’ll keep you full until lunch, as well as giving you a protein-packed energy hit.



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I do quick workouts in my hotel room

There’s plenty of reasons to keep your fitness regime up while you’re away – it gives you more energy, helps you switch your mind off and it’ll make it easier to get back into the swing of things once you get home. But I don’t want to spend hours of my holiday in the gym! Instead, I do my TIFFXO 20 minute workout videos. I love that I can do them from the comfort of my hotel room, and I don’t need equipment or even shoes.

I take my water bottle everywhere

By now I’m sure you know the benefits of drinking your daily 2 litres of water (better mental alertness, more energy, increased metabolism), and this doesn’t change just because you’re on holiday! In fact, if you’re spending time in the sun you need even more water to help your body deal with the heat. So, I like to take my water bottle with me everywhere to make sure I’m drinking enough. When I’m at the pool, when I’m sightseeing… it’s always with me! You can even take your water bottle with you on the plane – just empty it before you board and ask a flight attendant to fill it up once you’ve taken off.



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I listen to my body and enjoy time off

What do I do if I just really want to eat hot chips and sit by the pool all day? I do just that! Keeping healthy is just as much about your mind as it is about your body. Maintaining a six-pack while you’re on holiday is pointless if it’s going to make you unhappy and distract you from time with family and friends. So, enjoy taking time to relax without feeling bad about it. Plus, giving your body a break helps it rebuild muscle and recharge after busy period. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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