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Do you suffer from fatigue, weight gain, poor sleep, headaches or bloating? Completing a well balanced detox with an expert will have you bouncing out of bed every day, kilos lighter and looking radiant!

Over the next four weeks, Emma Sutherland, resident naturopath at the Golden Door Health Retreat, will share her tips and secrets to a successful detox.

What is a Detox?

Detoxification is the process used to improve the elimination of both internal and external toxins and repair the damage they have done. Toxins may enter our bodies through the skin (heavy metals, body care products and makeup), via the lungs (cigarette smoke, traffic smog etc), and also within our food and water. Toxins may also be produced internally and these are called endotoxins. All detoxification programs involve the release and elimination of toxins from your body.

Do you need to Detox?

A Detox is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to the ultimate gift of pampering. Over the next four weeks, you will not only shed those unwanted kilos, but also the habits that put them there!

First of all, start a food/mood/activity journal. Have a look at your habits. Is your energy slumping after lunch or are you snappy and emotional in the morning? Draw some correlations between your food and how it affects your mood.

Get set to start

My tips for the next week will help to ease you into you detox so you start to feel the benefits as soon as possible. Start by weaning your coffee down to one a day as this will hopefully prevent the first week of your detox being plagued with headaches.

This often occurs when you go cold turkey on caffeine. Next, let everyone know about your detox so they can support you – organise to catch up for a walk or yoga class instead of a glass of wine. Lastly, after reading over your food diary, make a list of some changes that need to happen.

Now, write down your detox goals. Do you want more energy, to drop a dress size, to sleep like a baby or clearer skin? Choose your top three goals, write them on your bathroom mirror and stick them on your fridge. You will have so much more motivation when your goals are in front of you! Between the mirror and the fridge you will be reading them 8-10 times a day.

Over the next four weeks Emma will be giving you lots of tips about detoxing the easy and effective way. So, start your diary today and take the first step!

Emma has been working in the field of detoxification for many years and has pioneered a program that successfully helps thousands of people to achieve their health goals. Please see her website for more details

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