The life-changing sleep secret you never knew about

If you're someone who has always struggled getting to sleep, the answer may finally be here.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, having a quality trip to the land of nod can be troublesome for many people. 

The good news is that if you do fall in this camp, you are not alone. Global sleep podcast guru Drew Ackerman, shares how he overcame his sleep struggles and how you can too.

Identify why you can't sleep

It's important to know what is keeping you up at night so you can tackle it head on.

"What keeps me awake at night a lot is thinking and overthinking," Drew explains. "I guess you could call it worrying, sometimes I call it brainbots, which is different parts of my personality that can only have one function, so they say ‘hey, what are you going to do about that bill due next month’ or ‘hey remember when we embarrassed ourselves in grammar school’ and what I find is that I’m kind of telling myself a story about the past or about the future instead of just being in the moment and relaxing."

Have a plan

Once you know what keeps you up at night, Drew says you need to introduce a plan.

"Having a plan is so important, so actually figuring out what my formula for a good night sleep is and it involves having a wind down routine; maybe doing some reflection or some journaling, maybe having a cup of bedtime tea and then finishing off with reading fiction - I just like reading and that’s the last step that carries me off to sleep," he reveals.

Having a set routine isn't new in sleep world, but what is new is making sure it's tailored to what is going to make you most relaxed - that can hugely differ person to person. 

"For me it also means starting to relax an hour before I go to sleep - so no using my phone or any other devices, doing some stretching or some journaling, or even some quiet sitting and meditation," Drew adds.

Alternative sleep aids

Drew created a podcast designed to send you to sleep and now around 170,000 epsiodes have been downloaded nationally. 

"I find that Australian listeners are really, really enthusiastic about interacting with the show, which is huge towards helping me keep it going. Compared to some of the other countries, I hear from a lot more Australian listeners than almost every country except for the US," he says. 

Since a good night's sleep is all about having a tip top circadian rhythm, Drew recommends another way you can get it back on track.

"Try something like Flordis Redormin Forte, which has be shown to help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and awake refreshed the next day. Flordis Redormin Forte helps restore the circadian rhythm by using a fixed combination of extracts of Valerian and Hops which has been clinically researched to help sleep quality and help restore healthy patterns over two weeks," he suggests.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

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