Sarah Wilson: Why You Should Always Opt for Full-Fat Foods

In the latest 'Can't Live Without' podcast, Sarah Wilson admits you don't actually have to quit all the sugar.

That's right! Enjoy that wine and eat that bread, because Sarah Wilson has cleared up the rules of her sugar-free lifestyle.

The podcast with Bake Off host Mel Buttle revealed a few interesting things about the 'I Quit Sugar' mastermind (like, that she used to live in a shack with no doors!), but proved, once and for all, that Sarah Wilson knows her health hacks!

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Here were some of Sarah's greatest tips for eating healthy:

1. Eat full fat

You must, must, must opt for full-fat products, Sarah insists. Why? Because low-fat versions are full of sugar. Her philosophy is to eat like your grandparents would have eaten - and you can bet nanna wasn't scoffing down low-fat yoghurt in 1930! 

Part of this, she says, includes avoiding skim milk! 

2. Eat three meals - and eat like you mean it!

Sarah does not encourage snacking. To avoid confusing your metabolism stick to those three full meals and "eat like you mean it". This means, don't have a salad if you don't really want it!

3. Drink wine

Sarah's eight-day plan actually encourages a glass of wine for five of those eight days! In fact, Sarah says a common misconception is that she doesn't drink. However, she reinforces that red wine is better for you than most other drinks.

4. When it comes for take-away - go for Indian food

"Thai food is a no-no – full of sugar – but Indian is great," Sarah told Mel. "Indians pride themselves, often, not it all cases but you can always ask, in not adding sugar. So, their sweetness comes from using sweet vegetables and also the coconut products." She also says go for Greek food or pub food, aka the meat and three veg option!

5. Eating bread? Go for sourdough

Contrary to popular belief, Sarah Wilson isn't anti-carbs, but she does have her rules. "You're better off with sourdough than gluten free - unless you have a gluten issue!" Sarah explains. "The ferment [in sourdough bread] actually ferments any residual sugar in the bread." 

6. Stay away from fruit juice

According to Sarah, a glass of apple juice can be the same a can of Coke when it comes to sugar content. Same goes for dried fruits. You may think dried fruit is your friend (because fruit, right?), but you would be wrong.

7. Learn to cook

"When you quit sugar, you quit processed food. When you quit processed food you’re getting rid of all of that other chemical gunk, and so your health improves anyway. But that means you’ve got to learn to cook!" Sarah says. There's no quick fix if you want to stock up on that healthy wholefood goodness, but to ease the pain, Sarah says invest in a slow-cooker.

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