Research reveals that 30 year olds suffer the worst hangovers

If you're in your 30s and your hangovers are worse than ever, you're not wrong.

New research from Entity Health found that Aussies who are in their 30s suffer worse hangovers than any other age group. 

Through a national surey, Entity Health found that 22 per cent of Aussies experience hangovers – even a mild one – at least once a month. However, the prevalence was highest among respondents in their thirties. It was also found that 23 per cent of this age group admitted to having a hangover at least once a week – compared with just 13 per cent of 18- to 9 year olds who have a hangover at least once a week. What's more, 44 per cent of respondents in their thirties admitted to suffering a hangover at least once a month, compared with 35 per cent of 18 to 29 year olds.

“The results indicate that drinking peaks in our thirties, and this may be a time in our lives when our bodies suffer the effects from excess alcohol more easily. Further data from the survey supports this - there is a significant drop in hangover rates among respondents in their 40s and just 9 per cent had a hangover at least every week, and 20 per cent had a hangover at least every month," consulting dietitian at Entity Health, Teri Lichtenstein, says.

The good news is Teri has some top tips to help ease that hangover - and they're suitable for any age group!:

Stay hydrated

"Alcohol dehydrates the body, so make sure to drink at least 250ml of water before you hit the hay after a big night out. Keep a bottle of water by your bedside overnight and reach for it the first thing in the morning. It also helps to drink one glass of water in between every alcohol beverage to minimise your hangover symptoms."

Replenish your liver with vitamins

"Alcohol intoxication can deplete the body tissue from thiamine (vitamin B1), an essential nutrient required for metabolsim. Following a night of drinking, consider taking a liver nutraceutical with the vitamin B1 and the active ingredients of Hovenia dulcis and Milk Thistle – traditionally used in Western and Chinese cultures as herbal medicines. These ingredients can help to support natural liver detoxification, and may help to metabolise and break down alcohol."

Eat the right food

"Your body may have been able to take in junk food as a hangover remedy when you were in your earlier years, but there are healthier ‘greasy’ alternatives that can help with a hangover. Go for high-quality proteins and essential fats such as an omelette or vegetables fried in extra virgin olive oil. Eggs contain amino acids which can help break down alcohol, while the veggies offer doses of antioxidants, which may help cell damage from excess alcohol consumption."

Say no to caffeine

"Although a cup of coffee or tea may get you going on your ‘better’ days, it’s best to avoid too much caffeine the morning after drinking. Too much Caffeine can increase fluid losses and it is essential to minimise dehydration effects of alcohol. Instead of a second or third cup of coffee, why not try a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice which will likely make you feel better for the rest of the day."

Sweat it out

"It may be tempting to feel sorry for yourself and lounge around, but a gentle workout may work better in alleviating hangover symptoms. If you do decide to hit the gym, make sure you are well hydrated before, during and after your workout, or better yet try power walking or light jogging around the block which will give you the benefits of fresh air as well."

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