Q&A with Janine Daly from Wife Swap Australia

Why did you choose to be a part of Wife Swap Australia?

I thought that going on Wife Swap Australia would be a good experience for the entire family so I first discussed it with them and then applied for it.

How did you find the experience?

I found the experience interesting, different and something that I am glad I did but would never do again.

What was the highlight of being involved on Wife Swap?

The highlight for me was learning that I am a very strong person who can face a challenge and overcome it. I have definitely made the right decision for myself to be a full-time mum and housewife and would not change that for anything.

What was the hardest obstacle or challenge you faced?

The hardest challenge for me personally was not being able to talk to Shane and my children for the week, I found that very hard and upsetting.

What one thing did you take away from your experience that you'll apply to your own family life?

One thing that we have taken from the experience is to change some of our eating habits, we have always eaten fruit and vegetables but we have tried to remove a lot of the ‘junk’ food from our diets and add healthier snacks.

What do you think you taught the other family?

I don’t know what I taught the other parents as I thought they were very self-involved and weren’t open to change. I do hope that my time with Serah and Aijha was positive and I hope I showed them that I thought they were important and should be put first.


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Posted by Report
Hi! Just wondering what are you live? The school uniform looks like Jimboomba?
Posted by Report
Yes they are from Jimboomba
Posted by Alexandra1704Report
Hey Janine
My name is Alex and im 15 and I would love to meet ur daughter boo (can't see her full name sorry) because ur episode my me cry and I think ur daughter is the sweetiest thing ever I can't believe kids at school are mean to her so I would love to meet her and have her over one time so feel free to ring me on 0431519400 or 49658140 cause I think ur family is amazing you were really good on the show
Posted by Janine171Report
Hi alex that is a very sweet offer but we are very strict about where any of our kids are allowed to visit so unless we knew you well I'm sorry she wouldn't be able too but she is doing very well at her new school she has moved away from the bullies and has made some wonderful new friends
From janine
Posted by LamiaReport
Hi Janine I know its been a while and you probobly don't visit this place anymore but how has the family been going since the swap, are the other kids trying to lose weight too, have you improved their diets any more, are the older kids allowed more independance?
Posted by LamiaReport
I can understand the younger kids not being safe but the reason it was brought up was because 1 of the older kids asked about playing outside then got into an argument with one of the others, so during the swap, why didn't your older kids go out and do anything seems rather strange either way.

Rewatching the episode again I didn't notice Shane get too much screentime in any case apart from when Tracy confronted him which she did most of the talking anyway.

The whole episode seemed awquard maybe because of time restraints maybe because of editing who knows, It would of been great to of seen more of you in another follow up after that little 1 in the end.
Posted by Janine171Report
It is good to know you enjoyed our show and yes it was very much producing..our kids are and have always been allwed to play in the yard what i said and was misquoted on was the young ones.are not allowed to lay in the front yard as we live on a main road and it is very busy they are and have always played in the back yard..we used to live on 23 acres and they were only inside at meal times ..we were recently asked to do a follow up but we said no as we were misquoted on several points and every conversation Shane had they cut out any of his responses so he said no we feel it was not a fully fair representation of how we really do things.
Posted by LamiaReport
Im a big fan of wife swap and your episode has been my favorite so far just since my family life used to be alot like your families as I grew older though I did get my independance so I guess thats one thing thats different about us,

Its good to hear the whole family is loosing weight and Im glad that Boo is able to of made friends now at her new school.

I guess I was mostly shocked that you didn't even let your kids out in the yard without supervision even the older kids although that might of been editing on the producers part.

Again thankyou for making such a interesting episode of wife swap and I wish you and your family all the best, prehaps there will be an update show done by the producers I dunno but I hope so.
Posted by Janine171Report
Hi Lamia, thank you for asking we have kept up with most of the changes that Tracey made as I said to Russell at the time of the swap it would be good to be implemented, we aren't dieting as such but we are all eating less sugar and processed foods we alternate between red meat chicken and fish during the week we have always had fetes the kids love them we changed from alot of frozen to some fresh blanched with 3 meals a week gradual changes as it does take a while, all the family is losing some weight, boo is down to a children's 12 she was about a 14-16 children's size and Shane has lots a good amount too we are all doing well , as for independence I still don't let my kids wander around the streets unsupervised as it isn't a safe area and that's not negotiable, they have always spend plenty of time outdoors playing and that hasnt changed, during the swap they spent more time indoors than they usually would, all the kids attend a different school now too and boo is well away from the kids who bullied her and is much happier, she was very distressed when she watched the show as she didn't know she was going to be portrayed the way she was. I appreciate you following up on our progress I am very happy with how we are doing,
Posted by Report
I'm not sure that they needed to change too much. They say they don't put the kids first but they had a good relationship with them, and the best thing a parent can give their children is a happy mum and dad who are completely devoted to each other.