Q&A with Cindy Liggins from Wife Swap Australia

Why did you choose to be a part of Wife Swap Australia?

I love watching the show and my sisters and friends always said that I should enter if it comes to Australia. So the first time I saw the promo on TV I went online and filled out the application.

How did you find the experience?

FUNNY!! I can’t believe there are such boring people in Australia at such a young age! I think if I had to spend two weeks with their family it would have been way too messy for me to stay, one week was enough!

What was the highlight of being involved on Wife Swap?

The highlight was coming home to my family.

What was the hardest obstacle or challenge you faced?

The hardest obstacle I faced on the show was moving from paradise to isolation.

What one thing did you take away from your experience that you'll apply to your own family life?

The one thing I will take away from my experience that I will apply to my own family life, is to teach my daughters that youth group is not the place to meet your husband.

What do you think you taught the other family?

I think I taught them how to have fun.


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Posted by Mummy62Report
I am watching this eppisode now and have to say that I think Cindy is a normal woman and Yolonda really is a bit to religious for my liking......
Posted by cindyReport
susan 500, show ur face and your real name if you are going to make comments like that.....all of you no brainers that hide behind text names are gutless pieces of ***
Posted by cindyReport
about the wine...you may drink it out of a bucket......do you go to church early for your wafers and wine to repent for your sins????? u dumb ***
Posted by cindyReport
susan, get a life sweetheart. so u are catholic and u approve of priests having sex with alterboys????? yep....you are one of the 'soldiers' supporting this ...!