Q&A with Cherie Clark from Wife Swap Australia

Why did you choose to be a part of Wife Swap Australia?

We were entered into the show by our children Kirsty and Courtney, they are the reason we participated.

How did you find the experience?

I found the experience to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What was the highlight of being involved on Wife Swap?

My highlight was meeting their children Phoebe and Drew.

What was the hardest obstacle or challenge you faced?

The hardest challenge I faced was being away from my own family.

What one thing did you take away from your experience that you'll apply to your own family life?

The one thing I took away from this experience was to always treat my children equally, also to have more family time around the dining table.

What do you think you taught the other family?

I hope I taught the other family to have more fun as you're only a child for a little while. I also hope the parents learnt to pay more attention to their children.


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Posted by cindyReport
you know what, everyone that has a better way of helping us poor dumb wives that swapped.......get ***ed! your husband is probably cheating on you anyway while you are busy writing us off!
Posted by Adele10Report
I pay my taxes so that your children can get a FREE EDUCATION. The fact that you think its not a big deal that they way school, says alot about the young woman they will become.
I guess myself, & other hardworking Aussies will be helping to pay for their 'single mothers pensions' as well.
Your Husband deserves a medal :)
Posted by Report
It's interesting how Cherie has more negative comments than Michelle - mmmm do you get it Cherie and Husband??
Posted by JohnsReport
We would have world peace if there was no negativity my dear. Care to join the band wagon?
Posted by Elizabeth463Report
Truth always hurts hence family members coming on this forum to defend how they were portrayed. A prime example of parents trying to be friends and that childhood is about fun. I bet none of those kids end up with a university degree or their own business. Mediocre parenting breeds mediocre kids.
Posted by Judge JudyReport
Get your stats right, Einstein (i.e. Bianka)
Posted by JohnsReport
Sometimes the truth does hurt but in this case, I see no truth especially from your own comment. I'm not defending as I don't need to, I just find this rather entertaining probably more so than the show itself. 1 out of the 7 of us already has a university degree, I myself is half way through uni and my brother billy has just started up his own business. So how much would you like to bet? By the way, a high number of successful people all over the world either dropped out of school or didn't even step foot into university. So all in all, university isn't that big of a deal and I definitely don't think I'm more educated or have a better shot at a successful life because I am going through university honey.
Posted by JohnsReport
Peace out, a town, c's up!!!! Yeahhhh boy!
Posted by Report
Hahaha you've been raised well, a credit to your parents :)
Posted by JohnsReport
Looks like you're a stick in the mud with no humor. Sad sad life!