Post Pregnancy Meal Plan

Get back in shape after baby with these ideas and exercises from expert Emma Sutherland.

My baby is now 14 weeks old and I confess - it has been a struggle for me to get back into shape. I eat healthy food but I haven’t been able to exercise as much as I would like to. I have now let go of my expectations and realised that, as it took 9 months for my body to get this way it just might take 9 months to get the weight off!

Despite that, there are still many foods that will help me in my goal - foods high in antioxidants and that are also very nutrient dense. Nutrients such as zinc and iodine are so important for a healthy metabolism so I will ensure these are throughout the meal plan.

I must say that neither myself or Sophia have been sick and although I am tired I don’t feel exhausted. I can only put that down to how I am eating. Take note - if you are breastfeeding you may need to increase your portions.

  • Monday

    Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with mushroom and spinach
    Lunch: 3 bean salad - 1 can of mixed beans with corn, spinach, lettuce and black pepper to taste
    Dinner: 120gr grilled lamb with chargrilled vegetables
    Snacks: Natural yoghurt with 1 tsp chia seeds
    Drinks: Japanese green tea as it has high antioxidant levels
    Health notes: Chia seeds – high in protein and water soluble fibre this will keep you going for hours. 1 teaspoon is a good place to start


    Breakfast: 2 pieces rye toast with ricotta & drizzle of honey
    Lunch: Tinned tuna salad with avocado, rocket, cucumber and carrot & flaxseed oil/mustard dressing
    Dinner: Whiting fillets with continental beans, zucchini with salsa of parsley, lemon zest , EVOO and chilli
    Snacks: 2 rice thins with hummus and rocket
    Drinks: Dandelion root coffee – a lovely liver tonic
    Health notes: Whiting is a small fish which is a good source of iodine. Iodine is a mineral that is high in breast milk and helps to develop a baby’s IQ


    Breakfast: Smoothie with protein powder, coconut water, Acai powder, natural yogurt, frozen berries and 1 tsp flax seed oil
    Lunch: 1 cup rice noodles with vegetables in a miso based broth
    Dinner: 120gr grilled beef with pumpkin & sweet potato mash & broccoli
    Snacks: ¼ avocado on 1 wholemeal pita
    Drinks: 150ml kale, apple, celery juice
    Health notes: Both lamb & beef are good sources of zinc and iron


    Breakfast: 1 cup Bircher muesli with 2tbsp natural yoghurt & 2tsp sunflower seeds
    Lunch: Tabouli salad with left over beef
    Dinner: 150gr baked salmon with quinoa and steamed bok choy
    Snacks: Mandarin and 10 walnuts
    Drinks: Licorice tea – naturally sweet it makes the perfect afternoon pick me up
    Health notes: Sunflower seeds have the highest level of zinc of all seeds


    Breakfast: Stewed apple, pear & prunes with cinnamon and 2 tsps chia seeds
    Lunch: Omelette with fetta and spinach
    Dinner: 1 cup Dahl with brown rice. Try adding kidney beans into your Dahl as 1 cup contains 13 grams of protein!
    Snacks: Carrot sticks with hummus
    Drinks: 200ml almond milk with touch of honey
    Health notes: Almond milk supports milk production while cinnamon stabilises blood sugar levels. If you are not breastfeeding, your tip is that almond milk has less fat than cow’s milk


    Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with spinach
    Lunch: Salad – 80gr chicken, cannellini beans and rocket
    Dinner: Green curry with tofu on either soba noodles or quinoa
    Snacks: Rice cakes with avocado & tahini
    Drinks: 150ml carrot, celery, apple, mint, parsley juice
    Health notes: Aim for a couple of meat free dinners each week


    Breakfast: Buckwheat pancakes with ricotta & cinnamon
    Lunch: Smoothie – 200ml almond milk, frozen berries, 2 tsp Acai powder, 1 tsp coconut oil and natural yoghurt
    Dinner: 120gr beef marinated in lemongrass & turmeric with steamed beans, corn & peas
    Snacks: 10 brazil nuts and 1 orange
    Drinks: 150ml of beetroot, celery and ginger juice
    Health notes: Coconut oil has thermogenic, or fat burning, properties as well as a high smoking temperature which also makes it perfect for cooking

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