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No More Excuses To Weight Loss

Yep, winter is well and truly here. The showers, icy cold winds, darkness when you wake up, darkness when you get home, it’s a good enough reason not to train isn’t it? Wrong. Welcome to the world of excuses and a serious lack of willpower.

Every month I get asked the same question. “Blake how do you stay motivated? “ “How do you stay fit, you must have ‘good genes’”. Are you kidding! My dad is hardly an athletic looking bloke!!! I’m that guy that looks at food and puts on weight while my mates eat whatever they want and don’t put on an inch of fat!

It’s not about motivation, in fact, if you rely on motivation to ‘get you through’ you’re going to crash HARD! Motivation will get you through the first few weeks, CONSISTENCY and WILLPOWER will get you through the hard times.

We all have hard times but willpower and consistency is what gets us through. Its consistency that stops me from pressing snooze each morning at 4:45 when my alarm goes off while it’s willpower that prevents my from eating all the free chocolate that my housemate (who works for MARS) brings home each week from work and drinking the beers that my other housemate chooses as his source of ‘energy’ that fills our fridge. These are temptations that we experience every single day!

I spent much of my childhood being exposed to ‘those’ people that don’t walk the talk. Imagine a family table full of “I’m going to do this”, “I’m going to do that”….. There were times when I woul d rather go and eat my dinner with the dog outside than listen to that. JUST DO IT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

So right now you’re thinking “I can’t just make it happen” Really? Of course you can. We all can. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing easy about the first three weeks of creating a habit. Guess what? There was nothing easy about going back to work after an incredible Christmas holiday either, but you did it.

Here’s the plan:
1) Just do it: Don’t think about it. Don’t try to justify it. Just put your gym gear on and do it.
2) Do the hard yards early, and then again when it gets tough: In the first 3-4 weeks just think to yourself “This is only going to get easier”. It does, and for most of you, you know it does, because you’ve done it before.
3) Be consistent: Rain, hail or sun. Make it happen. Consistent is the key to creating lifelong healthy habits.
4) Fit friends: There will be times when it gets tough. These are the times where a ‘training partner’ can make a massive difference and keep you accountable.
5) Use that extra ‘muscle’: Willpower is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger you get. Say no to that dessert, try opting for a side of veggies instead of chips next time you’re out. Each time you make the healthier choice you’ll be stronger for it!

Each and every one of us can do whatever we want to do with a little bit of hard work. Are you to give the ‘I should of done that, I could of done this, I would have been good at that’ or are you going to make it happen and start a new healthier life and stop with the excuses?

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