Need A Good Night's Sleep?

Everyone will agree that without a good night’s sleep it is difficult to enjoy the following day. Lack of proper sleep deprives us from focusing properly on the day’s activities and leaves us with an overall feeling of anxiety and lack of energy.

Here are some tips that can help to reveal where the sleep deprivation might lie thanks to

1. Keeping a regular and consistent sleep schedule is necessary so that your internal clock knows when it is sleep time and wake up time. It is a good idea to take a week or two to experiment with what the time frame best works for you. Try to avoid taking naps but if you need naps to catch up on lost sleep do it during the daytime hours.

2. Keep the television out of the bedroom. It stimulates rather than relaxes and makes it more difficult for the brain to ready itself for sleep.

3. Examine your mattress to see if that is the cause of sleep deprivation. If it is too firm or not firm enough this will keep you from sleeping well. If you are experiencing backaches then experiment with different mattress toppers such as memory foam. The pillows too might be too soft and causing cramps in the neck. There are many different sizes and shapes of pillows that can help alleviate the pain of areas in the body prone to pain.

4. Take a warm bath prior to going to bed. Make bath time a ritual where you turn on soft music, light a candle, burn some aromatic oil, and just take the time out to meditate. Your muscles will relax including your brain muscle.

If you find that your body is still experiencing aches it might be time to schedule a check up with your doctor. In the meantime, doing light exercise is beneficial. You don’t need to do a marathon but light daily walks, or cycling or swimming will get more oxygen circulating in your body to help remove any toxins. Exercise also releases endomorphins that help fight pain.

Don’t go through another sleepless night. Make a couple of adjustments in your home to help induce sleep, set up a proper sleeping schedule, ride down to your local bed store to see if you feel better lying on a different mattress, and see how much better you will feel one month later.

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