Pre-cycling: The new way you can help the environment

We all know about recycling, but if you really want to increase your eco-friendly rating, why not give pre-cycling a go?

Pre-cycling is all about avoiding items that will generate more waste in the world, or selecting items that can be reused time and time again.

Incorporating pre-cycling habits into your life will not only lighten your environmental footprint, it can also help you save money in the long run.

Shop local

Shopping at your local farmer’s market or grocers is a great way to avoid unnecessary packaging of foods, whilst supporting the local community.

“Here, you’re more likely to find locally-sourced food (decreasing the transport needed – therefore reducing pollution), and you’ll usually find less pre-packaged fruit, veg, bread (the list goes on) to choose from,” Amy Fox from The Low Tox Fox says. 

Don’t forget to take your own reusable boxes or containers for a more environmentally-friendly option to cart your goods home in.

Stop buying bottled water

Bottled water is one of the most expensive commodities available and it seems silly to be purchasing it when, in Australia, we have perfectly good quality water that runs straight from the tap.

So, pick up a good quality vessel like the Oasis insulated stainless steel drink bottle, which also keeps your water cold. Or, if you’re a sparkling water fiend, invest in a SodaStream – “just one SodaStream bottle saves 2,190 single-use plastic bottles going into landfill in its lifetime,” Amy says.

Make a reusable kit

Never be caught out without your enviro-friendly gear by keeping a reusable kit in your handbag.

“This could be a glass coffee cup, a bamboo cutlery set, stainless steel straw and 100 per cent BPA-free and recyclable containers,” Amy suggests. “These will come in useful when you drop into your local café for lunch. Reduce the amount of waste you create when ordering your daily cup of coffee or sandwich – it all adds up!”

Use bars of soap

We go through bottles of soap like they’re going out of fashion – but have you ever thought about what happens to the container when you throw it out? Well, it most likely goes to landfill.

“Combat the amount of waste you create on a daily basis by using bars of soap instead,” Amy recommends. “A little hack: dilute the bar in boiling water and re-fill your liquid dispenser if you can’t go without a pump pack.”

Use natural cleaning products

We all know that it's better, for us and the environment, to use natural and plant-based cleaning products -  instead of those that contain harsh chemicals.

“Use cleaning products you would find in the kitchen like baking soda or vinegar instead of bottled chemicals, or purchase products with re-fills available in order to reduce the number of plastic containers going into landfill,” Amy says.

National Recycling Week runs from November 12-18.

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