My Husband Had Sex With Men

Holding her first newborn baby lovingly in her arms, Lyndal Coon discovers a shocking secret that changes her life forever. Her husband, Andrew, has been living a double life. The reality? He has been having sex with men.

Appalled, heartbroken, and angry, Lyndal discovers a candid and controversial truth about the man she married ‘for better or worse’. Lyndal’s gripping true story unravels the complexities of how a wife, and mother, can come to terms with her husband’s infidelities and secret lifestyle.

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This story spans 18 years of unconditional love, brutal honesty, and sexual exploration - for both Lyndal and Andrew.

You can read more about this amazing story of lies, love and loyalty in Lyndal’s upcoming book Sexual Biversity

It includes the raw truth of male-to-male sex, betrayal, love, sexual liberation, post-natal depression, suicide attempts, male beats, cruising clubs, tantric sex, working in a sex-shop, using strap-on dildos and rediscovering true unconditional love!

Here is a sneak peek:

Chapter One – The Shocking Truth

The truth of what Andrew had just told me burned into my brain, and my stomach wrenched with the thought that I had married a gay man and the life I had known only a few short hours before was all one sadistic lie.

By this stage Andrew too had become so emotionally distraught by the shock of what he had just revealed that when I returned from the bathroom I found him sitting on the floor with his knees up around his chest rocking back and forth mumbling over and over again, ’What have I done, what have I done?’

Chapter 2 – The Green Eyed Monster

There were so many couples around me that had what I wanted. They had relationships that were built on trust and honesty and open communication.

I saw husbands who treated their wives with the love and respect they deserved and likewise the wives their husbands. Didn’t I deserve what they had? Didn’t I deserve to be more than enough, with or without a dick? Still, the only answer I had was that life wasn’t fair. Why me? Why did this have to happen to me?

Chapter 8 - The Beat Goes On

So Andrew’s sexual liaisons occurred with men, mostly strangers, in public places. It wasn’t until later on in our relationship that I learnt these places commonly used by men seeking men were referred to as beats. According to the dictionary a beat is a habitual area for making sexual liaisons.

Now that I was exploring my own sexuality and sensuality with Andrew, I found I could start talking to him about his attraction to men. The more intimate and close we became the more open we were with each other.

It wasn’t an easy thing for me to do and I still felt the buzz of embarrassment and nervousness humming around my stomach when I had wanted to broach the subject. I realised that if I was ever going to get over his bisexuality then I had to talk to him about it.

Chapter 10 - Surrender

I no longer have my old strap-on dildo. Recently I’ve upgraded to a new model that is more comfortable without straps or sharp buckles to dig into my flesh. I have to wear it between my legs, literally!

I have to insert the knob into my vagina and use the strength of my muscles to keep it in place, no suction or magic powder keeping it there. It’s such a strange feeling to look down and see my purple penis standing to attention, ready and waiting, with no straps, hands free.

I can even say I love the fact that I went on this extraordinary journey to hell and … well I haven’t returned to the place I started from. It’s a place so different from where I began twenty-two years ago, with this beautiful man that I am so fortunate to know, my husband, my soul mate, my best friend.


Lyndal describes herself as a woman on a mission -- to have people thinking differently about what makes a relationship acceptable, especially in the eyes of the public.

"No longer am I willing to sit back and hide behind my fears. I’ve decide to engage my courage and take a stand, to risk it all if you like and in doing so I’ve realized that it’s actually not up to the public to make that decision. It’s up to each individual to decide what is and isn’t acceptable within the boundaries of their own relationships.

Let’s welcome the diversity, or in my case the biversity, that is in each and every individual and create our relationships how we choose to see them being, not how we think they ‘should’ be in the eyes of others".

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Posted by Sally JonesReport
Guys, jsut buy a fleshlight! a *** one if you prefer.

check them out at

even get your wife/partner to use one with you!
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Posted by Report
always thought society in general offered a strange place. Whats normal hey? It takes extraordinary courage and wisdom to step outside the so called norm – August Smits
Posted by Report
Lyndal , my love and congratulations for what you have done and achieved
Together with Andrew. I take my hat off to you for I couldn't put up with my
husbands infidelities and they were women!
Jaqui Borg
Posted by Maree194Report
I found out six months ago that my husband of 22 years has also been living this bisexual double life for the last 10 years. More than 30 partners! We've been seeing a therapist and I have hope that we can get through this but sometimes it just feels too risky. The most difficult thing is that I can tell no-one... I have to keep behaving normally so none of our friends and/or family suspect anything. Can't wait to read your book... I really hope it helps!
Posted by Report
Is it just because we are fat and dont feel worthy of love that we accept his relatiotions with other men because no one else will want us?
Posted by Maree194Report
Maybe this is true... I have very low self-esteem!
Posted by Dennis30Report
terrible ,