More Fat Loss Tips For Breakfast

As a follow up to the article where I spoke about getting fat from your breakfast here are my 5 top fat loss breakfast ideas to make sure you slim down for summer.

No 1 choice – Meat and nuts:

When people ask me what my number 1 breakfast is, this is it, meat and nuts. The meat allows for a slow rise in your blood sugar levels and the nuts provide your bod with a good dose of healthy fats which helps stabilise your blood sugar levels over an extended period of time. Be sure to mix up your breakfasts as too much of the one food can lead to food sensitivies. Remember our goal is to minimise the total sugar content!

Try this three day rotation:

Day 1

1-2 100% Australian Beef Patties
6-12 almonds

Day 2

A steak (yes this will be the hardest to get use to)
4-8 Macadamia nuts (a few less than the other nuts as they are the most calorie dense)

Day 3

2-3 Organic Pork Sausages
6-12 cashews

(Keep in mind all of these meals should be eaten with some veggies or a salad.)

No 2 Choice + a ‘treat’

Salmon Omelette/ Scrambled Eggs:
The egg omelette would be my second choice behind the meat and nuts and is super easy to put together. Try and mix some salmon through it for the reasons ‘healthy fats’ reason I mentioned above. Below is one of the recipes I use in my ‘6 weeks to sexy’ food plan


2 Eggs
3 Chopped mushrooms
100g of Salmon
3 Asparagus, halved
1/4 Red onion
1 Large tomato, cut into chunks
1 Handful spinach
Coconut oil


• Heat coconut oil in a medium sized none stick pan, then turn pan down to a medium heat.
• Beat the eggs, add salt/ pepper if desired
• Cook off the mushrooms, red onion, asparagus, salmon & tomato in the pan until almost cooked.
• Pour over the egg mixture
• When bottom of the omelet is set, place the pan under the grill (make sure its not a plastic handle, & watch your hand if metal HOT) this will cook the top of the omelet without burning the bottom.
• Just before the omelet is ready, add on the spinach & let it wilt. Then serve.

And for a little ‘treat’

Lets be honest, you’re hardly having McDonalds but because I’m not a huge advocate of too much diary and bread/ yeast I’ll put this in the ‘treat’ section. If you’re looking for some guidance this good looking rooster can cook a mean scrambled eggs.

Aussie Favourite – Bacon and eggs:

The all time favourite isn’t it? If you don’t know how to cook bacon and eggs you’re not Australian.

Quick meal – On the run smoothie.

For those of you who NEVER have breakfast it might be easier to start with some kind of smoothie and build up to eating whole foods.

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