Money horoscopes: Your new financial year astrological guide

Lisa Stardust reveals what's in the stars when it comes to all things money.


The lovely vibrant energy in April, has you throwing caution to the wind to take a leap of faith into a risky financial venture. Don’t second guess yourself. Use your recent winnings to invest in a bigger project for a lucrative return. Spring gives you time to reassess your fortune and turn a competitor into a collaborator. Once you do, mark your calendars for June 28th and July 1st, as auspicious times to organise your projects.

September 15th brings new opportunities your way, aiming for a promotion on September 24th and pay bump October 15th. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, because your side hustle picks up momentum on November 6th, and you’ll find yourself rethinking (once again) your career direction. When November 9th, 14th, and 29th bring you offers you feel you can’t refuse, you might be stepping out on your current position on December 3 for a promising opportunity.

2019 rounds off with a solar eclipse cementing your amazing opportunities on December 26. Jupiter fires up your chart for most of 2019, giving you luck in all your ventures. 2019 a time to organise and network, and plan your next steps, which will start in December 2019, when your good fortune leads to professional success.


Uranus and Jupiter travelling through your chart bring innovation and prosperity in 2019. Jupiter will be gracing the house of debt, until December 7th, which can heal past financial issues. It’s a great time to buckle down and pay all of your bills through proper financial planning. Uranus allows you to see if impending investments are worth their weight in gold, giving you the opportunity to make sound choices about where you invest your money.

August 16th brings a Venus Star Point to your chart, which will push you to use your financial knowledge and reinvest in your home or self. When November 24 arrives, Venus and Jupiter expand your wallet. And as the year winds down, Jupiter brings fascinating endeavours your way on December 3rd.

The summer 2020 heats up your bank account. Watch out for January 4th in particular to ramp up your wallet. However, this transit can bring overspending as well, which is why it’s crucial to be conservative with your credit card because March 5th can damper to your seasonal festivities, due to insufficient funds. Work will be solid on March 22nd, starting off a new cycle in the professional sphere of your chart, even though you may feel unstable in these areas from May 14th to June 26th.


Neptune’s foggy influence in the career sector of your chart for all of 2019 and 2020 will make you reassess your professional desires, leading you towards more humanitarian efforts. With Jupiter moving through your house of partnerships, your new alliances may be a bit unusual, but they’ll help boost your career. This year, money make its way to you by way of the eclipses. You may feel a reprieve from your recent financial difficulties, when the solar eclipse in July helps you find a sponsor for your professional aspirations.

Watch out for September 22nd and 29th when a collaborator fools you with some expensive foul play. Planning a charitable party for Halloween will boost your finances and professional portfolio by November 16. You’ll get the best bang for your buck by being generous with your time and resources on December 3rd and under the solar eclipse December 27th.

2020 brings tremendous growth to your investments, especially in mid-March when you feel lighter, mostly due to the fruitful financial developments headed your way. The only issue is that you will be uneasy in taking risks, as your financial worries stay present throughout autumn. You’re not ready to play the stock market, as it’s proven to be too much of a roller coaster for your bank account. However, you may be inclined to try your luck one last time on July 1st - on a rare and risky opportunity that yields big financial rewards.


August 16th pushes you to be confident in your investments. So, don’t let others lead you astray—no matter what they say. Use your intuition to guide you through your financial choices. After all they are yours to make. Choosing to consolidate your debt on October 14th may yield an unfortunate outcome. Don’t worry, as October 19th does lend a healing hand to such matters. All will be sorted out by November 20th.

With lucky Jupiter traveling through your chart, for the majority of 2019, you are transforming your day to day vibe, and even adding a side hustle which will allow you to make extra cash. Most importantly, it will connect you with your creative side. Expansive Jupiter switches signs on December 3rd, pairing you up in a financially beneficial and lucrative partnership throughout 2020.

January 24th brings fortune your way, but it won’t last long as February 17th sets off a chain of events that will force you to reevaluate your spending until March 10th. The 22nd of March squashes your spending in half, as you are in coupon clipping mode until the autumn. April 30th brings a financial reward your way, which will boost your bank account all season long.

Take note, that your partnership may turn sour on July 1st. This is prompted by your need to be in control. Rather than pushing your agenda on others, try to listen to their financial assessments. In 2019, others tried to impose their views on you, and they were wrong. But, this time around, the energy has flip flopped and you are the one who needs to listen and not take the lead. The lunar eclipse July 6th will show you that their insights were correct - which will wind up saving you a ton of money. Therefore, it’s crucial you listen.


Don’t financially overrun yourself during the winter of 2019, as July 2nd pushes you to take on more investments than you can handle, especially July 28th, when you are presented with a monetary offer you can’t refuse.

November 25th makes you asses your work/life balance, as you’re needed in the office during seasonal celebrations with family and friends. Jupiter’s stroll through the gambling sector of your chart, until December 3rd, allows you to bring your daring fiery nature front and center in the spring. November 17th is the luckiest date of 2019 to take such risks, as luck is 100 per cent guaranteed. Feel like gambling? Take a chance on November 17th for your chance to win big at the slots and stock market.

March 8th may bring revolution to your professional goals, however, it also solidifies your personal discovery and growth in your career. Standing up for yourself will certainly cause inner frustrations to roar, but is essential for your pride and ego to get the pay bump and praise you deserve. You have done the work, proven yourself, now it’s time to get paid what you’re worth. Fortunately, you will receive equal pay as your colleagues and more money for overtime.

May 16th reawakens a dream within yourself, as you are able to transform your artistic endeavors into a money making machine. For the past years, you have been manifesting your desires, without feeling properly vindicated. It’s time to revisit the vision, see what needs to be changed, and assert your fiery energy into achieving your goals. Fame and fortune are headed your way, Leo. As long as you stay off the beaten path and listen to your heart, mega bucks are coming your way in 2019 and 2020. Make financial decisions and investments that work best for you alone.


Jupiter roams through the private sector of your chart until December 3rd, making this year more about expansion of heart and home than about love. However, with the North Node of Destiny galvanizing your House of Dreams, you’re focusing more on creating the next vision around financial security, particularly on July 3rd. At this time, you’ll receive a jolt of inspiration to connect with colleagues and sell your vision to peers, boosting your bank account.

Be mindful of spending from September 22nd through October 23rd, when your bank account may take magic hits. Don’t stress as you will be able to make good on your losses by December 3rd.

From January 31 to March 22nd 2020, you will be cosmically tasked to take big risks with your assets. New financial possibilities seem endless from March 23rd to April 22nd, as your career gets a push to exciting and endless limits. Plus, a raise is on headed your way. Use this time to expand your career path and embrace innovative tactics to catapult your career into fresh territory. The whole month of May adds creativity to your professional goals, and allows you to have fun with your office mates—bringing in more money to your bank account June 15th. 

The winter of 2020 brings money through your mystical visions. With dreamy Neptune boosting your inner creativity, expect to transcend your visions into reality. July 1st allows you to meet people from different backgrounds, who will offer you advice on how to sell your visions. Abandoning the constraints that hold you back will inspire you to try your hand at new money making tactics.


The solar eclipse on July 3rd motivates you to seek higher professional aspirations. The lunar eclipse July 17th allows you to implement change in how you invest, also forces a whole restructuring of your savings plan.

Thinking about going back to school to advance your status? You have until December 3rd to elevate your thirst for knowledge. With Uranus trotting through the house of other people’s money in your chart for the next several years, expect major shifts to occur with your finances. You may even feel like disconnecting from the material world. While you may feel a little unsettled at first, understand that Uranus is opening you up to exciting and new ventures that will lead you to toward a deeper understanding of the value of money.

One thing is certain, you will experience many financial ups and downs which won’t leave your bank account bored! Rather, you will learn to embrace and understand the value of a dollar and worth of products before swiping your credit card at a whim. Jupiter moves into the home sphere of your chart on December 3rd, which will allow you to invest in house flipping.

While January 20th makes you feel extra adventurous in the flipping game, you may feel as though your luck has run out on February 16th. Don’t give up!

April 22nd brings amazing surprises to your funding and bank account. June 6th brings new opportunities your way, allowing 2020 to bring much needed financial success your way. Money may be a wild card, but you will be able to advance your cash flow by the close of 2020s fiscal year without an issue. Just be mindful and aware of your investments in order to maintain financial stability.


You may decide to change positions at the company you work for, or, even quit your job in pursuit of your dream career this year, which will yield a major financial restructuring. Networking on August 16th will help elevate your status, giving you until the spring to gain a steady income.

Lucky planet Jupiter galvanizes the financial sector of your chart throughout 2019 until December 3rd, bringing both confidence and money your way. Known to others as the sign of “sex, death, and taxes,” you know how to make solid investments and Jupiter’s stint through your chart until December 2019 creates power and dynamism to your vibe.

With the planetary switch occurring before the New Year, you will bring an end to a long existing financial issues, clearing the way for a fresh start in 2020. You may even find yourself experiencing luck with a local company or return on an investment within your community.

2020 offers you the chance to take the insights you have gained during 2019 and apply them into your local community by sharing new wisdom with your neighbors - think of investing in new yoga poses and other worldly novelties brought to your hometown. With Uranus transiting your house of partnerships through the next several years, you can expect to draw in clients who may be demanding. Although they may serve you attitude, they will have more than enough money to pay you for your overtime work.

In May you will be cosmically pushed to deal with long existing financial issues - even focusing on healing your credit and boosting your score. June 6th, in particular, mends some of these looming issues. June 6th, in particular, mends some of these looming issues. The fiscal year ends with you having a better handle on your finances—proving you’ve grown a lot in how you handle your investments.


With Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node of Destiny moving through the financial sector of your chart, you may feel as though the whole world has turned against you. Fear not, Sag! Jupiter is linked up with your Sun, until December 3rd, 2010, adding optimism and protection from the universe. While finances may seem bleak, remember, they are in the midst of being fixed. The eclipses July 3rd, 17th, and December 27th aim to add cash to your bank account, while the solar eclipse July 3rd forces you to take out a loan.

Also, keep an eye on your finances, particularly on September 21st. Be watchful over changes made at the office on December 3rd, as Jupiter’s switch up may affect your responsibilities and hours. Uranus may cause change in your daily routine and by way of colleagues.

Many of your coworkers will leave their positions in your office, making you feel as if you need to move on too. Neptune swims through the private sector of your chart for all of 2019 and 2020, adding confusion to your career path, as you are feeling lost at sea, trying to find your place in the world. Embracing a new spiritual regiment on March 10 and April 10 will help you float through the fog, allowing you to feel more confident in implementing your mystical beliefs into money making ideas.

Career opportunities come your way in late June, giving you a chance to jumpstart your career and bank account on July 1, 2020. Although you may feel as though you have to start from scratch in July 2020, you are able to infuse your own swagger and perspectives into your visions, forcing your bank account to pop. Use your unique ideas to take your finances to the next level this year.


As the South Node of Fate aligns with your Sun, you may feel mostly overlooked at work throughout 2019. The eclipses July 3rd and 16th embrace your money magnet star quality image, however, that is short lived for the majority of the year.

With Uranus roaming through the cosmos, it’s important for you to get your worth at work—a promotion or a raise will go a long way for your workaholic tendencies. But, what you really crave, Capricorn, is praise. August 16th, 2019 and February 20th, 2020 will you envious of colleagues.

April 16th will make you feel as though you are being overlooked by your employer. All this frustration will get the better part of you, forcing you to vent to coworkers throughout May, allowing them to wipe your tears by May 21st.

The eclipse June 6th makes your hard work seem forgotten, while the backend of June brings a promising opportunity your way. Just envision the beautiful raise coming your way on July 1st. Your boss grants you fame and recognition, right in time for your seasonal raise in July.

As Jupiter glides along your Sun all throughout 2020, it’s essential for you to connect with the non-psychical world. Whether this be through meditation, yoga, or even plain and simple TLC - you are experiencing growth and abundance from within, which will elevate your emotional and core beliefs, allowing you to feel more connected with yourself. This will correlate to your money making skills, as you will be driven to invest in such endeavors. This is your lucky year - you are being offering you protection and wish fulfillment for the new fiscal calendar from the stars.


Home isn’t just where the heart is this year, it’s also a place that can bring major financial opportunities. This year, the best place to invest your money is within yourself and your residence. Uranus is bringing money your way through land and familial relations throughout the year, which will add a boost to your portfolio. The caveat is that Neptune is galvanizing the house of personal finances, which is making you feel as though your money situation will never change.

Money keeps on drifting out of your bank account, adding stress to your vibe. August 16th brings you a rare chance to partner with a colleague or friend to create a lucrative project. Think back to 2015 now and assess the vision you had around your career - August 16th is the revision of that dream. Late winter proves to be extra confusing around matters of investing. You may feel as though it’s time to level up in September, which will only bring loss your way, particularly on September 22nd.

Spring brings major professional shifts, especially in mid-November. You may be up for a promotion, but it’s best to ensure you are being paid your worth. Don’t stress, you have until December 3rd to ask for a raise.

2020 brings fogginess concerning personal assets, especially on February 4th. Don’t stress, you will be able to mend your crazy spending habits by March 22nd.

April 23rd brings you back to the initial idea you had back in 2019, about flipping your home or investing in renovations to raise the market price of your dwelling. Although it may take some time getting started, you will be able to raise capital by June 6th, through a gracious investment by way of a friend, which will help you make the home repairs you need.


Major career shifts are headed your way in 2019, due to your planetary rulers trip through the professional sector of your chart which will create new opportunities for you. With new endeavors, comes the promise of financial success. Although you have the fame and acclaim, your bank account hasn’t felt the financial success of your job yet. This is partly due to the eclipses, particularly the luminary occurring July 17th, which unfortunately purges your assets.

September 22nd is another intense day around money, as you may not get a definite green light around a raise, which will make your fins restlessly flap from the financial stresses of spring. Don’t give up hope! September 29th brings promise of a raise, with the intention of being applied to your paycheck around October 5th.

December 3rd brings lucrative advancement your way, as your planetary ruler moves into a fruitful placement in your chart, securing the money you deserve from work.

You can expect the summer to be fiscally quiet, but autumn gives you another financial pop - for the better - on March 22nd. You may be feeling the need more than ever to invest. Be sure to abstain from making any financial decisions from May 14th through June 26th, even though your trusted financial advisor will urge you to invest on June 6th.

Wait until June 28th to ensure success in the stock market. July 1st is another stressful time, as you may feel anxious as you await your tax return. Odds are you may not get back as much as you had hoped - but, don’t get upset because you have a whole other year to make up the difference. This time, you will be more cavalier and confident in asking for a raise and stock options from your boss during your yearly review.

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