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Busy Mum Meal Plan - Week 1

Designed by resident nutritionist Emma Sutherland, Eat Yourself Sexy with Michelle's meal plan.

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  • WEEK 1- Day 1
    Breakfast: 90g rolled oats microwaved with 80ml water and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Add 30g blueberries for flavour.
    Fact: Lemon juice, when taken in the morning, acts as a liver stimulant, helping the liver produce bile to readily begin digesting the day’s food.
    Fact: Blueberries contain antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals from producing harmful substances in our bodies that can cause heart disease and cancer.
    Snack: One small apple and 10 cashews.
    Fact: Cashews contain oleic acid, a heart-healthy fatty acid found in olive oil.
    Lunch: 2 x 80g lentil and vegetable patties (freeze extra portions) (see recipe).
    Snack: 5 brazil nuts and one banana.
    Fact: Brazil nuts are extremely rich in protein, copper, niacin and vitamin E. They also contain fiber and are a strong antioxidant.
    Dinner: 150g baked salmon on a bed of salad greens, baby spinach, red cabbage and snow peas topped with 15ml of lemon juice and 15ml extra virgin olive oil for flavour (see recipe).
    Fact: Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease levels of triglycerides, or dangerous fats that flow through the bloodstream.
    Liquids: 2L of water, 150ml beetroot, celery, apple, cucumber (see Cholesterol Juice recipe).

    WEEK 1- Day 2
    Breakfast: 1 poached egg on 1 slice sourdough toast with avocado.
    Snack: 1 whole meal pita bread and 30g hummus (see hummus recipe).
    Fact: Whole meal products are full of essential nutrients including copper, calcium and fiber.
    Lunch: 1 cup cooked spelt pasta topped with 5ml extra-virgin olive oil and 30g diced tomato with ½ cup green vegetables.
    Fact: Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acid, which prevents heart disease by controlling LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels in the bloodstream. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that fights against cancerous cell formation.
    Snack: 10 almonds and 1 pear.
    Dinner:: 95g canned tuna (in water) on a bed of spinach, rocket, capsicum, carrots and olives sprinkled with black pepper and dash of Celtic sea salt to taste and 10ml extra virgin olive oil.
    Fact: Spinach is an important source of calcium, which protects against osteoporosis.
    Liquids: 2L water, Chamomile tea (Sleep Aid).

    WEEK 1- Day 3
    Breakfast: Two slices sourdough toast with local honey and one cup almond milk.
    Fact: Honey is not only sweet and tasty, it confers allergic immunity when you eat local honey. It also provides you with essential enzyme-forming substances to help provide energy throughout the day.
    Snack: One banana.
    Fact: Bananas are full of potassium, which helps promote muscle strength and electrolyte balance.
    Lunch: 2 x 80g salmon, tofu and broccoli patties (freeze extra portions) (see recipe).
    Snack:: 5 brazil nuts..
    Dinner: 180g grilled chicken drizzled with lemon juice on a bed of brown rice and steamed broccoli.
    Fact: Chicken is an important source of protein, tryptophan and niacin.
    Liquids: 2 L water and 150ml beetroot, celery, apple, cucumber (see Cholesterol Juice recipe).

    WEEK 1- Day 4
    Breakfast: 1 cup rolled oats microwaved in 100ml soy milk, sprinkled with 10g cinnamon and 1 tsp chia seeds.
    Fact: Cinnamon is a thermogenic substance, meaning it boosts the body’s metabolism to promote fat burning throughout the day.
    Snack: 10 cashews and 1 apple.
    Lunch: 180g baked chicken on iceberg lettuce and spinach with chopped carrots, spring onions, dried cranberries and diced walnuts. Add 15 ml vinaigrette for flavour.
    Fact: Cranberries promote urinary, gastrointestinal and oral health and are a good source of vitamin C. They also add flavour to foods.
    Snack: ¼ avocado and 2 corn thins.
    Fact: Avocados contain the heart-healthy oleic fatty acid and are a good source of potassium.
    Dinner: 150g grilled snapper with roasted pumpkin and zucchini (see recipe).
    Liquids: 2L water and Dandelion leaf tea.

    WEEK 1 - Day 5
    Breakfast: 1 poached egg topped with diced tomato on 1 slice sourdough toast.
    Fact: Eggs are a wonderful source of protein and choline, which is essential for healthy cell maintenance throughout the body.
    Snack: 5 brazil nuts and 1 orange.
    Fact: Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and fiber, which keeps bowel movements regular and prevents colon cancer.
    Lunch: 95g canned tuna sprinkled with lemon zest with lettuce and diced onions on corn thins.
    Snack: Banana Strawberry Shake - 100ml soy milk, 60ml plain yoghurt, 1 banana and 5 strawberries blended..
    Dinner: 3 bean salad - 1 can of mixed beans with corn, spinach, lettuce and fresh black pepper to taste.
    Fact: Beans are an important source of protein and fiber
    Liquids: 2L water and 150ml beetroot, celery, apple, cucumber (see Cholesterol Juice recipe).

    WEEK 1- Day 6
    Breakfast: ½ cup blueberries with 100 g plain yoghurt, 14 g flax seeds and 1 tsp chia seeds. Fact: Yoghurt is a great source of calcium and natural probiotics that promote reproductive health.
    Snack: ¼ avocado on 2 rice thins.
    Lunch: 120g turkey with salad and hummus on a flat bread
    Snack: Carrot sticks with 30g hummus (see hummus recipe).
    Dinner: 100g grilled tofu on a bed of brown rice (1/2 cup) and roasted capsicums, broccoli, ginger and 15ml Tamari soy sauce.
    Fact: Tofu is a great source of protein and helps control cholesterol levels.
    Liquids: 2L water, Dandelion leaf tea.

    WEEK 1 - Day 7
    Breakfast: 1 slice sourdough toast with a mix of 70g ricotta,1 teaspoon honey and cinnamon.
    Snack: 1 chopped carrot and 1 apple.
    Lunch: ½ cup boiled quinoa with chopped seasonal vegetables stuffed into a capsicum and baked at 150 C for 25 minutes, drizzle with lemon juice.
    Snack: 10 cashews and one banana.
    Dinner: 180g grilled lamb on a bed of cooked red cabbage, pan-seared spinach and snow peas. Add lemon juice to taste.
    Hint: To pan-sear spinach, throw on a skillet until it wilts slightly. It will be slightly warm and taste a bit richer.
    Liquids: 2L water, 150ml beetroot, celery, apple, cucumber (see Cholesterol Juice recipe).


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