Meet the Breast Cancer Survivor Inspiring Women with her 'Breastless' Fashion Blog

An Australian woman is inspiring cancer survivors with her amazing style blog.

When Genevieve Esgate decided to have her breasts removed following a cancer diagnosis in 2013, her recovery journey presented unexpected hurdles beyond the strictly medical or health-related.

In fact, one of the most surprising issues following her mastectomy was an issue many women find themselves in daily: she couldn't find anything to wear.

While, this trouble for most women is a matter of not feeling comfortable or stylish enough in the clothes we have, Genevieve was surprised to find that many women's clothes just don't cut it for women without breasts.

Credit: Genevieve/Leave Me Breastless

"I thought I'd be able to wear all my old clothes, so it really shocked me that nearly everything I put on that I used to wear looked ridiculous," Genevieve told Lifestyle.

"Tight clothing was out the door - unless I wear a prosthesis, nothing low cut suited and very few strapless things could be worn. I virtually had to completely redo my wardrobe and that was quite shocking to me and took a long time to successfully do. I'm still working on it."

Credit: Genevieve/Leave Me Breastless

It was after stumbling upon this inconvenient truth that Genevieve realised she wasn't the only woman facing this problem.

So, in her spare time, between raising two children and working full-time as a teacher, she decided to start her website and style blog, Leave Me Breastless.

"When I was first breastless, I looked for websites that might help me dress, as I was at a bit of a loss. I couldn't believe that there was nothing out there to assist women who were breastless," she confessed.

"While many women reconstruct, there is nearly always a period of time when all women are breastless and this is often during a very vulnerable time. As I started to work out what suited a breastless chest, I felt passionate about giving women a tool that would have really benefited me."

Credit: Genevieve/Leave Me Breastless

Genevieve had one breast removed after doctors discovered breast cancer in her right breast in 2013. After undergoing radiation and being given the all-clear, Genevieve later decided to have her left breast removed as a preventative measure.

While many women at-risk of breast cancer make this difficult decision, the next question is another difficult one to answer: whether or not to have reconstruction surgery.

For Genevieve, however, she considered her decision easy.

"It wasn't a hard decision for me to choose not to have reconstructive surgery. I looked into the surgeries and it all looked very painful, expensive and complicated," she explained.

"It surprises many people that it doesn't interest me because people assume that's what you should do post-breast cancer, but no one really knows what is going to be right for them until they experience it."

Credit: Genevieve/Leave Me Breastless

For the many women like Genevieve who have had a double mastectomy and are considering whether or not to have the reconstructive surgery, she has this advice:

"Take your time to make the decision that is right for you and your body. Don't be pressured either way to reconstruct or not. I think it takes time to know for sure what you want so give yourself time post cancer treatment to live with your body as it is so you can truly know what is best for you. Also know that if you do choose not to reconstruct, there are clothing options open to you that will make you feel just as feminine and beautiful as women with breasts so don't let that be your deciding factor."

In fact, it has taken a few years, but Genevieve is now a veritable fashion expert!

Here are her top three style tips for fellow 'breastless' women:

  1. Avoid tight fitting clothing on chest area as it hugs the scar area.
  2. Look for patterned fabric that distracts from the chest area or tops/dresses with a feature, like a frill or extra layer of fabric.
  3. Work to your assets. Backless dresses/tops look amazing as do looser halter necks and off the shoulder tops, which are on trend right now.

To follow Genevieve's journey and read more of her awesome style advice, head to her blog, Leave Me Breastless.

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