Mark's All Wright...

We grabbed man of the moment, Mark Wright to spill all after the big boxing match.

So what training did you do for the match?

I just did some sparring in the gym. Done a bit of running. Bit of pad work, some bag. I didn’t train that much to be honest with you. But when I did train, I trained hard.

We saw your Grandad helping you out…

Yeah, I had my Grandad helping me out but I had other trainers as well. And I was sparring with James DeGale, who’s a boxer. I’ve done a fair bit of boxing before – well, back in the day. I’ve only done one fight like that before. Another charity match that I put on about two years ago and that’s about it.

Were you confident going into the ring?
I was confident yeah, but I was very nervous. I think even Mike Tyson is nervous before a fight. The whole thing is just nerve wracking, really.

So did you have a plan going into the ring?
I had a plan. I knew he was going to come in and try and fight me. Try to street fight me, ‘cos he’d said it to too many people and I found out. So my game plan was just to punch straight, jab and he would end up failing in the end. And it happened. He left himself open too much. He just came in tearing and all I had to do was keep my guard and punch straight. It became easy for me because of what he was doing. He wasn’t learning throughout the fight. He kept doing the same thing. And a street fighter will never beat a boxer, so… that’s why.

That said, you ended up on the canvas in the first round. What happened?

I tripped. I tripped. I was about to trip – I’d already lost my balance and as I tried to keep my balance, he sort of threw me even more and then I just tripped over. I said to the referee as soon as I went, I said “That weren’t a knock down” and he said “I know, I haven’t given it” and he said to the judge “It weren’t a knock down”.

Of course the big event of the match was Kirk’s broken nose! What happened?

I didn’t go to break his nose, I just go to win the fight and obviously, one of the punches broke his nose so… Unfortunately for him…

Would you fight Kirk again?

Yeah. I don’t think he’d fight me again though!

And after the fight, Lauren seems to feel closer to you than ever…

She’s always been like that. She might go for a couple of weeks of not talking to me out of anger, but she still loves me. So…

And what about Lucy?

Lucy likes me as well but the whole thing’s confusing while Lauren’s still there and stuff like that, so it’s hard to totally know what I’m doing, you know?

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Posted by ShaunaReport
Mark, lauren is a total player, and yes I know, we dont know your history together, but tv doesnt lie, and the way she spoke to lucy before your match, was really condescending, she is playing a game with your heart and hurting a young girl on the side as need to be strong and make a decision and dont let lauren have you by the balls, it makes you look weak and also incredibly rude, the way you are stringing lucy along, stand up grow some balls!