Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Exclusive Interview!

Made In Chelsea’s pretty party boy, Ollie, chats to us about makeup for men, whether he would ever cut his hair and who he is currently dating.

What can we expect from Chelsea this season?

Goodness me. It’s about to get a lot more full-on. Things are about to become emotional. Everything I go through in the first series, I never imagined I would go through. I have been the one to stand up and say, “Yes this is real”, because what I went through is real. It’s pretty powerful stuff. I went on the show thinking I would just be the fun, ridiculous one, but then I realised I actually needed to go through some things.

How have you found exposing your private life?

I have been incredibly lucky. I don’t take myself seriously at all, I just want to have a lovely time and make people laugh and that’s all my life consists of. There is not a bad bone in my body. I just want to have fun and fall in love and have a lovely time.

I think people can see that which is why they have been so incredible. I have had marriage proposals and all kinds of things. My grandma had no idea I was on TV, though. She thought I was famous through Twitter!

Spoiler Alert! Speaking of love, we hear you’re dating Chloe Green, the daughter of the boss of Top Shop?

Yes, that’s true.

Is there anyone you clash with on the show?

If you have 16 people in a room there is always going to be clashes. That’s life. There are people I don’t really like but we’re all doing a TV show so you expect that.

Do you regret anything about the show?

I never regret anything in life, because you do what you do at the time for a reason. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. Sometimes it’s hard, really hard, but we knew what we were getting into. Sometimes I have to take a couple of minutes to wipe away the tears but then I go back on and go for it. My whole goal is to make people laugh.

Do you hang out together when the cameras stop rolling?

I knew everyone quite well before we started filming. Apart from Freddie, Francis, Amber and Rosie, I knew all of them. I think it’s quite obvious that there are two sets of groups in the show. I stick to Binky and Cheska. I sometimes see Spencer and Hugo and those guys out and we’ll say hi and do a shot in a nightclub, but I don’t really call them up to see if they want to go for a drink.

Is there rivalry between you and the Essex crew?

Their production company banned them from having photos with us which is just silly because we go to a lot of the same parties and we’re going to see them. I don’t know what the problem is because we’re actually genuine friends.

Have you ever been to Australia?

Yes I have. I came out for a bachelor party but I never saw Sydney or Melbourne so I’m really keen to come back. I love kangaroos and BBQs. Britain is so cold!

What would it take for you to cut your hair?

Oh god I would never cut my hair. It would take something really extreme. I would prefer to run-around Trafalgar Square naked for charity than cut my hair because my hair is who I am, I would lose my identity if I cut it. I guess the only way I would consider it is if on the night of my wedding my wife said to me that she wanted me to cut it.

When did you start wearing makeup?

The makeup thing started thanks to some of my girlfriends in the past. I think makeup is really important for men. If all men could just swap their feelings of insecurity for a dab of concealer then the world would be a better place. I mean, we have to face it that England is a pretty ugly country so a little bit of makeup would definitely help out some of the guys. We all look and feel pretty rotten after too many vodka pineapples, but after a little bit of makeup you look like you’ve had ten hours sleep. You’re literally, glowing!

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