Pick your lucky Powerball numbers based on your star sign

It may be difficult to choose your lucky numbers, so is the answer in the stars?

Playing the lotto requires luck. Fortunately for us, the planet Jupiter is bringing extra prosperity to our lives, forcing our hands to take a gamble at winning big. Knowing the right numbers to use for the lotto by star sign, or each sign’s luckiest numbers, may help us out - even if we don’t have our rabbits foot nearby. Each star sign has a special number that can lead to success. Here are the most favorable lotto numbers by star sign:

1, 5, 8

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are drawn to the number 1 because it’s a power sign, which describes their dynamic personality. The number 5 also has a special ring to Aries because numerologically it has a fiery and passionate vibe. The number 8 is a transformative number. For Aries it can bring transformation, which can literally mean evolving one’s finances or bank account. 

2, 6, 7

Earthy Taurus has a strong relationship with materialism and is the second sign of the zodiac, which is why the Bull resonates with the number 2. The number 6 represents a hard worker and no one puts more time into their efforts as much as Taurus. The number 7 shows a flair for life, which the Bull possesses. All these numbers combined or alone can unlock the potential for Taurus to get a hefty win from playing the lotto, if they choose to use them.

3, 6, 7

The natural lucky numbers associated with Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, are 3 and 6. This is because they are communicator and action oriented numbers. 3 and 6 will boost the bank account of Gemini. The other number that serves as luck to the Twins is the number 7. This number will add stamina to any project or bet Gemini has on the table - including the lotto. 7 adds a punch of success to the airy sign.

2, 4, 7

Known as the provider and nurturer of the zodiac, the cosmic crustacean will be drawn to building numbers such as 2 and 4. The number 2 represents foundation and 4 is their stature in the zodiac wheel (as the 4th sign of the zodiac). Another winning number for Cancer’s lotto ticket is 7, for its intuition - which means the number 7 can bring in major money if Cancer’s buy their ticket on the right lunar day of the week.

1, 11, 22

Everyone knows that Leo’s love to be number 1, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s their lucky number. The number 1 enables the friendly feline to embrace their fiery temperament and achieve success. The number 11 is a master number. It’s a sign of enormous power. Therefore, it will push the lion to its ultimate max. The number 22 represents divine manifestation, which Leo strives for, making it prosperous for their wallets.

3, 6, 33

Known to analyse matters until they resolve a situation, Virgo will think carefully before picking lotto numbers. But, they finally make a decision, you can expect them to choose numbers that rep their finely tuned Mercurial skills like 3 and 6. The number 33 is a master number in numerology. It represents one who will come into play as the analytical and smart thinker, who can transcend their mindset, just like Virgo.

2, 17, 77

Libra will have a hard time committing to their numerological choice for their lotto ticket. But, once they do they can win big. The number 17 will activate Libra’s harmonious energy, while 77 will serve as a wisdom number for the airy zodiac sign. Another great number that won’t tip Libra’s scales is 2. It’s a building number that shows of Libra’s desire to attain riches and fortune through the lottery.

8, 44, 88

Known as the sign of “sex, death, and taxes", Scorpios don’t play when it comes to money and make very serious fiscal decisions. Playing the lotto will require a lot of thought, as they will use their finely honed intuition to pick numbers that best suit them. The number 8 represents transformation, the number 44 gives double velocity around evolving finances, and the number 88 is the most powerful number for luck gaining money.

9, 12, 33

As the gambler of the zodiac, Sag is known to hedge their bets and take major risks. The number 9 will harness their “live free” and glamorous energy. The number 12 is their secret power number, as it embodies Sag’s celestial role as the secret knower and philosophical protector of the universe. The thrill seeking sign should also choose 33 when playing the lotto because it awakens their softer side, balancing out their impetuous thinking.

4, 8, 10

As a builder of the zodiac, Capricorn embodies strength and determination. The numbers 4 and 8 represent structure and transformation, which the sea-goat can excel at over time. The number 10 reps the sign on the zodiac wheel, which is why they will feel inclined to try it out when playing their numbers at lotto. The caveat though, is that Capricorn will be cautious in such games, as they are not major risk takers regarding money.

5, 11, 22

The number 5 has a very close relationship with humanitarian Aquarius, as it points to their independent thought and intelligence. This is why the water bearer will choose to use the number 5 to win their jackpot. The matter numbers 11 and 22 represent visionaries, which is who Aquarius is - the dreamer who can create change. All these numbers, combined or separate, will prove to elevate the airy sign’s status through the lotttery.

7, 9, 33

Spiritual and psychic Pieces will choose numbers that speak to their higher minded pursuits. The number 7 will activate their intuition, giving them the edge on predicting their winnings. The number 9 shows off their spiritual and transcendent inclinations. While the master number 33 gives luck through their growth and sentimental vibes. With these numbers, the mystical fish can’t go wrong.

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