Why this will be your luckiest year yet

It's an exciting time for every astrological sign as Jupiter moves into Sagittarius.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Known for its friendly, outgoing nature, Jupiter is an honest, law-abiding global citizen, who loves a good party!

Not only does Jupiter represent the need to expand our minds, Jupiter also shows us the inward conscious desire to grow and manifest our dreams on a worldwide level. Gambling, travel, teaching, and education are all interests brought to us by expansive and lucky Jupiter.

From October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018, Jupiter has been globetrotting in the sign Scorpio. During this past year, we have seen powerful figures publicly fall from grace, as Scorpio is notably referred to as “the claws of Justice” and Jupiter represents the truth.

The #MeToo Movement has exposed criminals and deviants, all of whom needed to be exposed. Jupiter in transformative Scorpio brought these matters to light. All around the world, through the power of social media, people are engaging in conversations and merging together to fight against the patriarchy. Jupiter has not only revealed wrongdoings, but, also connected people together.

In the past year, Jupiter in Scorpio has uncovered crimes, through its penetrating detective eyes, and sought proper punishment.Now, we heal and learn from the past. We grow, never making the same mistakes twice.

As Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, we can expect to venture forward with divine wisdom, using our higher minds to guide us. Honesty and truthfulness will play a big theme this year.

How Jupiter in Sagittarius will affect each star sign:


Your thirst for knowledge is heightened. Travel, education and teaching will broaden and transform your inner philosophies.


Learning from past mistakes will allow you to grow both your bank account and mind. There may be some growing pains along the way, as you are letting go of the past. However, the end result will permit you to evolve into the greater version of yourself.


Love is in the air this year, Gemini! Jupiter will bring a partnership your way. Just beware of jealousy - don’t let envy get in the way of your relationship.


Overindulging in comfort food may leave you craving a exercise regiment. Try to commit to a plan you can work into your daily routine easily.


Fun times are in store for you, Leo! This year brings romance and happiness through creative projects.


A move may be necessary, as your desire to broaden your heart and home may lead you to set up new roots.


Relations with siblings will blossom, as well as your desire to express yourself. Think before you speak, as you may overdo communication, which may result in you putting your foot in your mouth.


Your bank account will flourish under this transit, giving you more cash to spend freely on pleasurable items.


This year will serve as a lucky time for you, Sag! Positive vibes and inspiring thoughts are headed your way.


Take a step back and unwind. Meditation and relaxing activities will serve to rejuvenate your mind and bones.


Always keep a business card handy. Jupiter will increase your networking skills, bringing you more career and social opportunities.


Your career will take a hit - for the better! Expansion, luck, and success will push you to great heights at work. 

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