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Exclusive Content from Episode 8 of The Only Way is Essex. We find out from Lydia what the lovely Arg is really like.

How did you meet James (aka Arg)?

I met him at the Polo two years ago. It's an event with the where you watch the polo, but afterwards there's a big after-party in two marquees, so I met him there at the after-party.

So what happened? Did he have a good chat up line or something?

I was with all my friends. Me and James didn't really know each other, although I'd heard of him, and I was trying to set him up with one of my friends (laughs). James was all like "Oh, I'm not really that interested" and I was just like "Oh, why?" and he was like "Oh, I'm more interested in you" and I was just like "Oh, OK". So me and James just ended up dancing, we ended up kissing and it just kind of went from there.

It sounds quite romantic, actually.

We are quite romantic, yeah.

Is he a good boyfriend?

Yeah, he's been a really good boyfriend. We have all our private banter, it's quite funny. We understand each other, like when we're out we can be ourselves. We don't have to pretend. We're really comfortable with each other.

What's the most romantic thing he's done?

Umm… well, for Valentine's Day, for a surprise James took me for a meal and then we went for a walk through Hyde Park and secretly he'd booked for me to stay at a really posh hotel. We went in there and there was petals everywhere and Champagne, so that was quite romantic.

He's said that Mark's given him advice in how to deal with girls, but it usually ends up being terrible! Have you ever noticed an obvious piece of Mark advice?

Mark always gives really bad advice, like when James went to Marbella with the boys, it must have been a year into our relationship. I was like, "I'll call you when you land" and stuff, just being normal. I called him and he didn't answer and he didn't speak to me the whole week he was in Marbella. So obviously I got really upset ‘cos I was like "Why didn't he answer any of my calls?" and it's because Mark said to him "James, you've gotta treat her mean, keep her keen" and I was like "We've been together for a year, why have you got to play hard to get? It's not like it's the beginning of the relationship". Me and James ended up having a huge argument over it because Mark had given him this really bad advice that he should keep playing me even ‘though we've been together for a year, so… That was probably the biggest, worst advice ever ‘cos we nearly broke up over it.

I heard you DID break up in Marbella…

That was, like, a year ago. But we did break up when we went to Marbella THIS year, when we went to live out there together, that's when we actually broke up. Basically, I hated my job over here in the UK so we went to Marbella for the May Champagne Spray and I was like "I hate my job so much, I want to live out here" so I ended up quitting my job and James said he'd come too and do his singing. We moved out there, got an apartment together and we were over there for two months but we were arguing quite a lot… I think that's just basically what happens with married couples when they first start living together. It was the August Champagne Spray party and I left for work at ten o'clock, James ended up being really drunk and talking and kissing some girl on the Champagne Spray bed so… we had a big argument and I packed his suitcase and he ended up going home and I ended up staying for another two months.

So how come you're back together?

When I was in Spain I was really determined that I wasn't gonna get back into the relationship and I didn't want to be with him anymore but then, when you come home things kind of change. I was back into my routine and I think when you come home it brings back some memories ‘cos we only live down the road. I did miss him and I thought "Well, you only live once" and you've got to learn to forgive people and forget. I trust him and I don't think he'd do it again. I think it's because we were going through a rough patch anyway. I don't think he'd try that hard to get me back if he was going to do it again.

Would you say Mark's a bad influence on him?

Sometimes, yeah. Mark's always got all the ladies around so sometimes I get a bit paranoid when he goes out with Mark. I always think that Mark might try and… not persuade him to cheat on me but he'll be like "Oh, James, talk to her… talk to her" so sometimes I get a bit nervous.

Is that your honest opinion of Mark?

I love Mark to bits as a person I just don't agree with how he is with girls. He hurts a lot of girls and I think if he wants a girlfriend, have a girlfriend and be straight and narrow.

Do you think he'll ever settle down, though?

Do you know, I think him and Lauren will always end up together. They do love each other so much but I just think that he needs to stop with all his games.

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