Lorna Jane’s Top Fitness Trends for 2013

Not only does a New Year present the opportunity for new discoveries, new promises and new challenges, but also the opportunity to overhaul our fitness regime. So as the new year kicks off, your current fitness journey jumps into your mind and you realise you may just have to shake things up.

Whether you’re the girl who is a ritual exerciser working a sweat morning and night, a weekly walker, or can’t even recall the last time you laced up your sneakers, make this YOUR year to commit to fit by mastering Lorna Jane’s must-try fitness trends for 2013.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):

HITT the ground running on January 1; you’ve got new goals and a new mind set, but not the time to make it happen. Try amping up your exercise routine in record time with HIIT. It involves alternating between short bouts of extreme high-intensity exercises with less-intense recovery periods.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer Lorna Jane Clarkson recommends it for any active women juggling a busy schedule in the New Year. Think: you get more work-out for half the time. You just need to dedicate yourself to it completely.


“If you’re short on time, maximise your work-out with a 15 minute HIIT session two to three times per week. My favourite activity is a lunge, squat and plank combo, varying the intensity as it targets almost every part of the body. HIIT really is a secret work-out weapon to safe weight loss and feeling fit,” Ms Clarkson said.


“You really have to be in it to win it with HIIT! Be prepared to ‘bring it’ and push 100 per cent every time to benefit from this training style (but it is worth it… the results are amazing!),” Ms Clarkson said.


If you’re chasing the poise of a ballerina and you want something a little less ‘hard-core’, barre work-outs will give you that long and lean dancer physique (minus the tutu!). Sweeping through studios and kitchen counter tops (yes, you can do it your kitchen) in the coming year, barre work-outs involve a combination of Pilates, yoga and ballet movements to tone and sculpt each and every muscle within the body.


“Barre work-outs are incredible for increasing your flexibility and strength. Find a studio near you, or for a more affordable and convenient option, even try it at home using a sturdy bench. I’ve been adding this onto my yoga practice most mornings for a full body blitz,” Ms Clarkson said.


“If you’re not a fan of routines, you may become bored with the structured work-out. Don’t be afraid to have some fun at home and mix up the movements to stay engaged” Ms Clarkson said.


Junkyard training is another increasingly popular way of working out (you may have seen them at your local parks) but it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This total body work-out uses tyres, sandbags and sledge hammers to enhance your speed, agility and balance. If you’re interested in a more military-inspired alternate to the CrossFit fad, and an extremely effective addition to your exercise regime, look for a gym that offers classes or search for objects at home for a safer way to tackle junkyard training.


“Junkyard training is a unique, intense and fun work-out to increase your overall strength and fitness. You’ll use muscles you didn’t even know existed!” Ms Clarkson said.


“If you haven’t had any experience with lifting weights or extreme work-outs, you might want to skip junkyard training. Be aware of your body’s limits and only ever train in a safe environment,” Ms Clarkson said.


Strength Training is the new “go-to” work-out for women chasing toned bodies, and 2013 is the year to get those super toned arms you’ve always wished for by starting to pump some iron. Previously believed to build bulky muscles, women are beginning to uncover the secret to firmer, stronger and shapelier bodies that constant cardio just can’t give you!


“Strength training is the best form of exercise you can do to tone, tighten and sculpt your body. You can train anywhere, anytime (swap your dumbbells for bags of rice!) and it even burns calories after you’ve finished exercising! I commit myself to two strength training sessions a week,” Ms Clarkson said.


“Lifting serious weights can be too demanding for certain fitness levels, so start off with smaller weights and increase on a fortnightly basis from there. Don’t overexert yourself, and always train with a professional if necessary,” Ms Clarkson said.

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As we wait for spring to bring in some much needed warmth and cheer and motivate us once more to tread the fitness path, here are the top fitness trends of 2013. Check out the fitness flavour of 2013 and be in tune with the pulse of the season. http://lovefitnesseducation.com/2013/03/28/top-fitness-trends-for-2013/