Let's Play - Fantasy Food Ideas

Sex and food both create the highly addictive, feel-good chemical dopamine, so if you’re looking at spicing up your love life, why not combine both at the same time?

Here are a few sexy fantasy food and ideas to get you started!

- Melt milk chocolate and paint your bodies with tantalising tickles.
- Warm up some honey and drip it onto his chest, then lick it off with your tongue.
- Spray whipped cream straight out of a can anywhere you can
- Melt ice in your belly button
- Dust icing sugar on your nipples

If you’re looking for a way to encourage hot loving sans-viagra, then try ordering these dishes next time you’re out!

- Order truffle anything in any dish as it awakens desire while increasing our animal instincts
- Sprinkle chilli peppers on any dish as the heat is known to release endorphins
- Order Japanese custard sea urchin shooters as they are full of chemicals that prolong pleasure
- A Cambodian delicacy is unborn baby duck eggs. It is Cambodia’s viagra!
- Nuts are high in amino acids that are helpful for erections
- Granola improves erectile response due to high components of L-arginine and amino acids
- Oily fish such as mackerel and salmon are said to enhance circulation and sexual stimulation for female and male genetalia
- Oysters are an all-time favourite aphrodisiac
- Dark chocolate is aid to imitate the feelings of love
- Watermelon contains amino acids improving blood flow to female genitalia – great for preparing for orgasm
- The scent of cloves has long been deemed to enhance sexual feelings
- Mace and nutmeg contain myristicin, which is related to mescalin and is an aphrodisiac
- Pepper from India contains piperine, a pungent agent that stimulates sexual function according to ancient beliefs
- Saffron contains picrocrocin that has the ability to cause erotic sensation

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A great game to play with food - is chocolate body art - you need to make some chocolate body paint. Write down some fantasies and some body parts and take it in turn to pain the fantasies with verbal add ons on the body part with the chocolate body paint - then you get to lick it all off! check it out at 50shadesofchocolate.com.au