Learning to Let Go

Many people complain about their stressful careers and dream of throwing it all in to follow their real passion. But how many of us actually go through with it?

Be inspired by Yvette Fillery’s journey from high-flying corporate chick to a healthy living yogini...

My yoga journey started about three years ago and completely changed my life.

I’m 34 and for most of my working life I had a busy, sometimes lucrative, social, hectic and stressful media career in London and Sydney. Working in the media industry came with perks and many pressures, but unfortunately lots of those pressures were on my liver and brain cells.

When I turned 30, my lifestyle took its toll and I started slipping into depression. So I decided to pack my bags and leave Sydney, my well-paid job and my partner and head back ‘home’ to the gold coast.

During this time, I also found Hot Yoga. Mind you, it took me six months to get the courage to walk in the door. There was something about the word ‘yoga’ that left me unconvinced it was for me. I was wrong.

Yoga was a major contributor to the improvement of my healthy state of mind, not to mention all the physical benefits. I continued to explore yoga in various forms. Each time I visited my sister in Melbourne and Sydney we’d go to a Bikram, Power Vinyasa or an Iyengar class, but I seemed to enjoy the Hot Yoga styles most.

It was late 2009 where my life arrived at a cross roads yet again and the ol’ self-doubt questions crept back into my head... “What’s life about? What am I doing here? (Well, that’s a toned down version, but let’s just say there were a few tears and a therapist as part of this ‘cross roads’ ) It was also during this period that my sister kept suggesting I do a Yoga Teacher Training programme. It took all of Christmas Day 2009 to make up my mind. It’s pretty easy to make big decisions when everyone’s in a good mood and drinking ‘punch’ from 10am!

I did a 200 hour Intensive (‘Intensive’ being the operative word. Oh my god! There should be a more ‘intense’ word for the word ‘intensive’!!!) in March 2010. It’s hard to explain how much I love it, except that I’ve been teaching full-time since then, have continued my training and recently launched my own Hot Hatha Yoga classes in Brisbane’s CBD.

My Yoga journey is still very young and it’s an ongoing learning experience. In fact, learning to be OK with that is part of yoga. As they say, it’s a ‘Yoga Practise’ not ‘Yoga Perfect.’

In retrospect, it’s funny that through yoga I was able to have so many ‘light-bulb’ moments. I realised that all those cheesy sayings people spout are actually true. ‘Life is about the journey not the destination ‘- yoga helps us to see that by bringing you back into the moment. ‘The past is just a memory the future is just a possibility, all any of us have is NOW’.

That all sounds sooo cheesy and I make myself laugh sometimes at some of the weird yogic stuff that comes out of my mouth. But it works. Yoga teaches you to LET GO – and just BE – to LIVE in the moment! When you experience that in a yoga class you’ve opened the door to the benefits of yoga. (And don’t worry, it can take a few classes to get there!)

There are hundreds of stunning studios around Australia. Not everyone’s into chanting or being in a 38 degree heated room – but there’s something out there for everyone. Just Google studios in your area and really talk to your yoga teacher about what you want out of it. We’re not all hippies with hairy arm pits, actually many have a similar story to me. We are ‘career people’ who just tried something new one day.


1. It’s only for chicks... nope.

That’s just a stigma. Many male athletes train with yoga to tone muscle and increase stamina. The ego can often get in the way, so perhaps try a power flow class or hatha / bikrim in a heated room. The heat becomes an addictive challenge.

2. You need to be flexible to do YOGA... nope.

You don’t need to be flexible, you just need to want to give it a go. Yoga will teach you that the idea is NOT to see if you can do the perfect pose. It’s about the process your body and mind goes through to try to get into the pose.

3. Yoga is religious... nope

Historically, yoga has been associated with religious traditions. However, yoga is not religious.


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