Is Your Breakfast Making You Fat?

Follow these top tips from Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Blake Worrall-Thompson, to ensure your first meal of the day isn't causing you to gain weigh.t

As a personal trainer I get asked every day for advice on food. A couple of weeks ago a few friends were up from Adelaide and on a drive out to shitsville to watch my housemates grand final the girls started throwing around the health and fitness questions… One of the questions was “Blake if there was one piece of advice you would give when it comes to food what would it be?” Great question – Breakfast.

Although EVERYONE knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day so many people are still going about it the wrong way. Here is a simple plan of attack to make sure your breakfast isn’t making you fat.

1) Your body’s metabolism will continue to gooooooo sloooooow until you eat something. So if you get up at 7am but decide not to eat until 9am you’ll be wasting 2hrs of fat burning potential.

2) Fat isn’t make you fat, sugar is. So next time you’re at the supermarket and parading around with your fat free products like you’ve got the Wimbledon trophy know that they are making you fat. Now before you get embarrassed subtly slide them back onto the shelf next to the natural confectionary lollies that you also thought were good for you.

3) For the best fat burning breakfast look to include a mix of high protein and low G-I which will help improve your mental clarity, increase your energy, help control your appetite, improve your gym performances and most importantly – stop you from stacking on the kg’s

4) Cereal is sugar

5) The first thing you put in your mouth in the morning establishes how your brain will function for the rest of the day. Research shows that skipping breakfast will leave you a little brain dead and delay your reaction time as it creates havoc with the neurotransmitters (the chemical formation in your brain).

6) If you decide to have cereal with your favourite large OJ (because we all need vitamin C) for breakfast you’ll trigger an insulin response and a big spike in your blood sugar levels. Because of the high carb and high G.I choices the foods will quickly be digested and potentially used for energy straight away or, more likely, stored as fat.

7) Your energy will be all over the place because of the insulin response so you’ll be happy as larry initially but then you’ll crash… and burn, which will make it hard to concentrate.

8) Eat meat and nuts if you want to lose weight.

9) If you soft out and decide to stay with sugar for breakfast (also known as cereal) be sure to check the labels and make sure there is 5g/100 sugar or less. You’ll find there are only a couple that have less than 5g/ 100 – one of which is oats.

10) Breakfast ideas – Quinoa, beans, salmon, protein pancakes made from coconut flour, omelettes, boiled eggs are just a few.

11) Did I mention cereal is sugar?

I made the change about 5yrs ago and although my housemates and girlfriends over the years have thought meat for breakfast is bloody weird it’s probably been the single most important change I’ve made to my diet. Go on, give it a try for a week and tell me how you feel.

I’ll come back to you with some more breakfast ideas over the next couple of weeks.

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