Interview: Made In Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop

We caught up with Made in Chelsea's mischeivous star, Caggie Dunlop and got the inside goss on her relationship with Spencer, the rumoured battle with the Made in Essex crew and reveals her plans for her upcoming Christmas trip to Australia.

For anyone who hasn’t seen an episode of Made in Chelsea yet, what can they expect to see from the show?

It’s about our real lives, professional and personal and the relationships we have with one another. We’ve all known each for a very long time, so there’s a lot of history underneath it all, actually.

How did you get to be picked to go on the show?

I was at drama school in New York and I came back and I heard about the show. A few of my friends were talking about getting involved. Then one of my friends called me and said ‘they want to speak to you’. So I was like ‘well I want to do a little drama and a little acting and stuff’ and my friend said ‘would you like to’, so I though ‘why not’?

What is Caggie short for? Is it short for “Cagatha”?

[Laughs] It’s short for Catherine. I wish it was Cagatha, it’s a great nickname. Basically my brother couldn’t say Catherine when I was born and said Caggie and it stuck.

We saw you performing in the first episode. Do you have any aspirations for a singing career or record offers on the go?

Yeah I mean that’s what I’m focusing on at the moment...I’m just deciding with management and stuff, but it’s all going really well so far.

You tweeted that you were coming to Australia. Is that true?

We’re coming for Christmas and New Year for 3 weeks. When I booked it I didn’t know that the show was coming out there. I told my producer I was going, so she was like ‘you know we’ve got to organise for stuff for you to do out there now that the show’s out there now’. It means that I can do some gigs and stuff. I’m really excited.

What do you know about Australia?

I came when I was about 11 for a wedding and I fell in love with it then...Sydney’s my favourite place in the world. It actually really makes me happy.

A lot of the show centres on you and Spencer? Will there be a relationship?

Well it’s a difficult decision because we are such good friends. For me to actually start a relationship is a lot more complicated than if we had just met one night...

How have you dealt having your personal life in the public arena?

It can be quite difficult, but I think it’s what we signed up for. I’m a bit of exhibitionist so it doesn’t really bother me that much and it hasn’t really changed that much for me. You just have to take it with a pinch of salt really.

What’s a typical filming day for you guys?

It really really varies, like sometimes they need us for sort of 3 or 4 hours and then sometimes it can go on for 14 hours or something, so it just depends what their filming.

Do you have any regrets about going on the show or surprised about what’s come out of it?

When the first season aired the reception was a bit mixed and there was some horrible stuff said which made me feel upset, because I take that kind of thing really personally and I hate not being liked, especially when it’s someone who doesn’t even know me, but now the second season has come out and it’s just positive, so all in all it was a great move and I am really happy to have got so far.

Are the rumours true of animosity between Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex crew?

That would be an interesting story that we hate each other, but we have no reason to. Two completely different shows in two completely different places, so I don’t understand how they could possibly think that. It’s just a press story.

How much is real and how much is scripted.

Most of it’s real...the conversations you see happening are real.

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