Increase your child's vegetable intake

Australians are encouraged to eat between two and five vegetables a day, but many do not. Children in particular often shun vegetables in favour of "tastier" food that is often unhealthy.

Learn how to make vegetables fun and tasty for your kids with the following tips.

Sneak them into other dishes

If your child refuses to eat certain vegetables, it might be time to get crafty. You can still include leafy greens and other produce into healthy eating plans, but you may need to stealthily hide them amongst other dishes.

Pasta, lasagne, stir fries and pies are all great places to throw in a few extra veggies. If your child has a particularly discerning eye, you could puree vegetables and add them to sauces. Often if they can't see the offending carrot or kumara, they won't even know they're eating it.

Soup is the holy grail in terms of sneaking in vegetables. Mash, juice, puree, dice and chop almost any vegetable you like into this winter warmer, or opt for a summer version like gazpacho for a cooling treat.

Dippy sticks and veggie dip

Cut celery, carrots, zucchini and cucumber into small chunks for kids to use as "dippy sticks". Then create a delicious dip out of avocado, carrot, chickpeas, beetroot and whatever other tasty ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

This makes for a delicious and nutritious snack, and is particularly refreshing during summer.

Lead by example

It's well known that children tend to emulate their parents and reflect their actions. That means that if they see you eating and enjoying plenty of produce, they are far more likely to want to do so themselves.

Encourage everyone in your household to enjoy salads, vegetable soups and other fresh foods and before you know it, your little ones will be demanding a taste of your healthy meal.

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