IKEA's Swedish sleep podcast you need to try

If you've ever wondered how to pronounce their product names, now is your chance to learn.

The Scandi's are always one step ahead and this time, they've truly outdone themselves. IKEA has launched its first ever sleep podcast, and just like it's furniture, it's revolutionary. The podcast is 35 minutes of IKEA product names recited by Swedish couple and IKEA employees, Sara and Kent Erikkson. Yep, you heard right. If you think you need a bit of help dozing off, here is what you need to know:

The concept

In the age of technology, more of us are finding it harder to get to sleep. In fact, IKEA states Australians are more connected than ever; before they go to bed 44 per cent watch TV or video, 37 per cent check social media, and 10 per cent check their work emails. While removing all technology before bed may be impractical, IKEA have launched a way that technology can help you get those Z's in. 

Whether you prefer to listen to Sara's soothing female voice or her husband, Kent's melodic male narration, you're able to play the podcast via Spotify and listen to the the sweet listing of IKEA's products to send you to sleep. 

While most of us can say 'Kallax', 'Römskog' doesn't neccessarily roll off the tongue. That's when the concept of having a native Swede comes into action. The unique inflections of the foreign language make it easier for us Australians to zone out, mirroring the effect of white noise. It's also your chance to learn how to pronounce the straw storage unit when you're next at IKEA. 

Mark Mitchinson, Country Sales Manager IKEA Australia describes the device: "The IKEA Sleep Podcast is a unique take on creating background white noise and one of many solutions we hope to provide to help the many Australians get a good night’s sleep.

"As experts in life at home, we want to inspire the many Australians to create the best sleep environment so they can feel refreshed and recharged to get ready for life.”

The science

Sleep deprivation is something we all hate, but unfortunately for most, happens too often. IKEA's data states that 56 per cent of Australians struggle to get to sleep, with 37 per cent saying they need help to get to sleep at night. 

One in three Australians under the age of 44 wake up five times or more during the night, and men are more likely to sleep soundly in the night with 32 per cent claiming they only wake once, compared to just 25 per cent of women. 

For those who need everything to be just right before they settle into bed, this one's for you. 45 per cent of Australians need to be in comfy pyjamas and 40 per cent use blackout curtains to avoid those rude daylight awakenigns. In addition, almost one in five need to listen to music and one in 10 white noise to get to sleep.

If you count yourself among these staggering figures, it's time to get acquainted with Bestå Burs and Fjällbo.

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