How to use your weekends to get ahead

With the extra time up your sleeve, there are plenty of things you can do to not only have a healthy Saturday and Sunday but to set yourself up for the coming week.

I always say that weekends are an opportunity Whether this is an opportunity to get ahead or to fall behind is entirely up to you. So if you’re worried about falling off the wagon when Friday rolls around, here are five tips to ensure you set yourself up for success.

1. Friday night workout vs Friday night drinks

I know the feeling. Four pm strikes on a Friday and your colleagues are talking about their weekend plans, your friends are in the group chat working out where to go for happy hour, you might even have a drinks trolley whizzing past your desk. The thing about Friday night drinks is it doesn’t just take you off track that night. Often this has a domino effect for the rest of your weekend, starting with a greasy hangover breakfast on Saturday morning and a skipped workout. The reality is your one boozy night every weekend is most likely undoing your hard work and this vicious cycle means you simply will not progress.

2. Stock up at the shops

Make the most of your more leisurely Saturday by planning your menu for the week ahead. With a good list, you can save time and money when you head to the shops and markets prepared and knowing exactly what you need to buy. This prevents the last minute take-away order when you get home from work and find an empty fridge or mouldy ingredients.

3. Prep like a boss

With your shop done and your menu planned, take advantage of your Sunday by getting some meal prep in to save time throughout the week. If some of your meals can be frozen, prep them ahead of time and store them in the freezer. This is also a great opportunity to whip up a big salad and some portions of protein to grab and go for lunch throughout the week. Just keep the dressings in separate containers.

4. Don’t ditch dining out

A healthy weekend doesn’t and shouldn’t have to mean no brunch. There are so many amazing cafes these days that have plenty of healthy options. Pick a café in advance with a friend, making sure it has a nutritious option you’ll enjoy so you don’t panic order the pancakes.

5.  Mix up your training (and do a little more)

Doing the same thing day in, day out is not only going to get boring, it’s going to become ineffective. I like to use my weekends to mix up my workouts (or active recovery), try something new or even get outdoors and go exploring. With a little more time up your sleeve, why not use some of it to do a workout you might not normally have time for during the week. A long run, a  big hike or a day of bike riding around town are just a handful of ideas.

I know that without a regular schedule and more temptation than during the working week, it’s easy for a weekend to undo a whole week of hard work and healthy habits. I hope I have shown you with the above tips that weekends do not have to be this way. You don’t have to be a recluse or a hermit to keep ahead of the curve. Lock in three 30-45 minute sessions (like a shop, a prep, and a workout) and you’ll be slingshotting yourself into your most successful week yet. Good luck!

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