How to Shake off the Winter Weight

Love handles, jiggling thighs, dodgy sleep and generally feeling blah? Learn how to shake that annoying winter weight the healthy way!

Three months of layering woollies, coats and scarves not only hides our body from our conscious mind, it also subconsciously seems to give us a licence to eat all the warm extras during winter. Not just as sometimes foods, but as comfort foods! On top of this, it’s cold outside, rainy and dark. The couch, heater and uggies are far more appealing than going for a run or shooting off to the gym!

So… guilt aside, winter’s on the way out and summer is coming. What can you do to have your spring body back and ready in no time? Exchange yummy alternatives for your current guilty pleasures:

  1. Try a protein breakfast. During winter, we tend to reach for carby, warm meals. Morning carbs make you feel good temporarily but don’t set your day up to feel motivated and full of purpose. Set your day up, ready to succeed for Spring. A meat & nut brekky (protein and good fats) will produce motivation-boosting neurotransmitters, dopamine and acetylcholine, and will keep you going right through to lunchtime, without snacking on comfort foods at morning tea like the banana bread and latte we all know too well. FYI, banana bread is delicious but it is definitely NOT going to help your waistline! Kickstart your day with an omelette packed with leftover veges, herbs and a touch of organic cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. Season with sea salt and cracked pepper.
  2. Eliminate processed food and especially sugar and sweeteners! If you have a belly on you, you are not tolerating sugars very well and if you are, you are eating WAY TOO MUCH! Sugar is directly linked to fat gain, accelerated ageing and cellulite! To restore your pre-Winter body, full of vitality, exchange the burgers and chips for some lighter, however still delicious, options. Try making your own homemade burgers with healthy, organic mince and go for a bunless option. Wrapping your patty and salad up in green spinach or lettuce leaf is a great change and allows you to taste the inside of your burger more! A small serve of grilled potato in your bunless burger, or baked as homemade hot chips with have you feeling completely satisfied. Herbal tea, instead of the high calorie hot drinks, is a great way to stay full, warm and hydrated! Hydration is key for fat loss and keeping your skin looking plump! Drink 2-3L water (or as herbal tea) per day for hydration,  this will also improve detoxification.
  3. Eliminate gluten, wheat, and grains to support insulin health and watch your belly shrink! At night, include a little pumpkin or sweet potato and beetroot in a goat cheese and hazelnut salad. These good quality, complex carbs are packed with vitamins and minerals and give you the carby texture in your mouth without your whole meal being based on carbohydrates.
  4. Incorporate some nutrients. Drinking alcohol not only packs on the pounds but also depletes your vitamin & mineral status whilst also making you highly acidic. Limit your alcohol consumption – 1-2 glasses of red a couple of nights per week will give you some antioxidants whilst also not feeling like you are missing out. On top of your plant-packed changes to your nutrition, add in at least a B supplement, zinc, magnesium and definitely GREENS and BERRIES powders to correct your pH (which is thrown out of whack when your nutrition is sub-optimal), improve your sleep and give you back some energy! Without correct pH and vitamin-mineral statuses, you will struggle to get the pounds off!


  1. Strength Train – Choose big bang exercises like squats, deadlifts, pushups and pull ups, as these use more muscles per exercise hence burn more energy and fat, with short rest periods between (10 -60s) for a greater growth hormone (GH) response. This will also help you sleep better. Good quality sleep and GH are fantastic for fat loss!
  2. Modified Strongman Train – Think real-hard-yakka work (full body and functional movement)! It’s heavy and makes you puff! Big GH boost & fat blaster. If you’re not near a gym, rearrange your house or help a friend move house! This will not only have you sweating but you will also then have a cleansed space to feel renewed! Add in some high-energy squats, lunges and push ups! 
  3. Go for a sprint – Try 6 x 200m sprints, with a 4min rest. Get outside, find some hills or go for it in a park. Run as fast as you possibly can. Bikes are a great option if you can’t run.

If you are not at the stage of doing hardcore exercise, just simply move EVERY day! FitBit is a great little tool which encourages you to move and reach your target amount of steps in the day.


Be kind to yourself. Take it all in your stride. Factor in time to rest and recover whilst also having some “you” time. If you are go go go, training so hard and not eating enough, your body will be stressed and will not want you to lose weight. So take some deep breaths, add in some meditation and yoga, go to bed early, eat to nourish your body and train to have energy and strength.

Delicious recipes to keep you on the healthy wagon:
You’ll want something yummy to replace the junk you’re cutting out… and it MUST taste good to take away those cravings, right?

Try WhiteZebra’s:

They’re all delicious and amazing, healthy alternatives! Remember, this is your new lifestyle from Spring on in! Healthy, happy and full of vitality and most importantly, no longer carrying the pounds or the guilt of Winter!

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