5 instant confidence boosters

Sometimes we all need a little boost to our self-confidence.

Having confidence in ourselves is the foundation for our wellness quality of life, so it’s important to nurture this and help it grow.

“With high self-confidence we are able to overcome fears and pursue opportunities which otherwise might feel insurmountable with a lack of confidence, meaning we are able to set goals, learn from mistakes, speak up for ourselves and honour our needs,” confidence coach Claire Hall says.

Here are Claire’s top ways we can instantly boost our confidence.

Keep a compliments journal

Recalling past events helps to positively affect our mood and inner dialogue, Claire says.

“By using the compliments journal, we are reminding ourselves of the good things that have been said about us, that often we don’t realise or see in ourselves,” she explains. “We are prone to forgetting these compliments which is a waste of potential. Our brains are often programmed to seek out the negative more than positive which decreases our self-confidence and can lead us away from taking risks, challenges or setting goals.”

Being reminded of the good things and successes from our past can help give us a real pick-me-up in times of need.

Put a smile on your dial

You won’t find a simpler way to feel good, than to smile.

“A smile releases ‘feel good’ hormones, which flood of brain in positive ways, with research from Philips Zoom showing Aussie women admit to feeling happier (56 per cent), more social and approachable (38 per cent) and more confident (31 per cent) when smiling,” Claire tells.

So don’t try and hide your natural smile when it has such positive impacts on building your confidence and self-esteem.

Recognise the small wins

With our hectic schedules, it’s hard to take a moment and recognise the great things we have achieved.

“By creating a small space in your day, even just five minutes twice a day (set an alarm to remind yourself) pause and take three deep breathes,” Claire advises. “Reflect on the past few hours, what you have done, where you have placed your focus and what went well.”

Once you have identified a positive moment and focus on it, Claire says it will increase your motivation to keep going and opens you up to being more inspired.

Invest in things that make you feel good

Grab a pen and write down all the things that you want to invest in that makes you feel good. Once you’ve got your list, Claire says to divide the list into two columns: Column 1: Items that lead to ‘Authentic Happiness’ and long term benefits and Column 2: Items that lead to ‘Instant Gratification’ and short-term benefits.

“While material things such as clothing or beauty treatments will typically fall into Column 2, it’s important to note that sometimes they should be in Column 1, depending on how it will make you feel,” Claire says. “If you have an important meeting and that flattering dress is going to make you feel more confident, it’s likely worth the investment.”

Let go of negativity

One of the best ways to start building your self-belief by letting go any negative self-talk, Claire suggests.

“If you find a negative loop in your mind focused on self-doubt, then challenge its validity and seek out a more realistic way of viewing yourself,” she says. “It’s okay to accept that you can’t complete a challenge right now, but with kinder self-talk and more patience break down the challenge into bite size pieces that you will conquer.”

Most importantly, believe that you are worthy of making positive changes in your life.

“A strong self-belief means you are important and you don’t have to put up with things that no longer serve you,” Claire adds.

Moving forward with this attitude will keep you paving the right path – complete with a big smile.

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