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5 ways to get more ‘me time’ in your life

For those moments when your self-care regime needs more than a bubble bath or another TV binge.

Finding the time to work, stay active and be social is difficult enough, but regularly carving out moments for quality solo time can often feel like an impossible task. These days we’re hard-pressed to get a second to ourselves. Here are just a handful of ways you can turn the game on its head and find the alone time you deserve.

Saddle up

Grab your finest riding boots, it’s time to head for the stables! Don’t worry, you don’t need to ride a horse to get the most out of this activity. You just need to be OK with chatting to a horse. Yep, equine therapy is an amazing way to be alone and de-stress. During each session visitors groom horses while also taking part in a range of safe activities designed to help people learn more about themselves and improve their communication skills. Not only are these assisted sessions a calming way to get in touch with the inner-you, there’s growing evidence that equine therapy can help people heal from PTSD, stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and more.

Book a class

Is there anything more exhilarating than learning something new and challenging yourself? To help break the monotony of work, chores, school runs or family obligations, invest in yourself with a beginner’s course for an activity you’ve always wanted to try. Whether it’s dancing, fencing, acting or any number of experiences – taking a class allows you to be alone while building your skills and confidence. Best of all, you may meet new friends, increase your activity and stimulate the creative side of your brain.

Find your happy place

Sometimes all it takes is a long drive to clear the mind and free the soul. While most of us tend to rack up the mileage driving to and from work, or via the school drop off, there’s nothing stopping us from whacking on a feel-good playlist, winding down the windows and embarking on a solo adventure. The Ford Endura is the perfect getaway car for moments just like these because its undeniable style and elegance leaves you feeling special – but you can still zoom off the beaten path knowing you’ve got the ultimate vehicle to support your adventures. There are so many ways to explore your surroundings when there’s nothing standing between you and the open road – so start planning you first escapade on your own terms. You’ll be hooked in no time.

Reclaim your lunch hour

Yes, it’s very tempting to work through your lunch break and eat at your desk (or not eat at all) but this break is a blessed gift that needs to be appreciated and celebrated. This magical one-hour (that you’re legally entitled to) allows you to do so much more than eat a sandwich at your desk. It allows you to go for a walk, listen to a podcast, find a quiet spot, sit in the sunshine and bask in the glory of doing nothing. Instead of pushing through the work day or spending each break with your co-workers, why not consider taking that entire hour to focus on yourself. By reclaiming this time, stepping away from the computer and NOT checking emails on your phone, you’re giving yourself the break you deserve.

Hit the flix

While taking yourself to the movies might seem like the same kind of ‘me time’ as streaming your favourite show, it’s an entirely different form of self-care. Not only is it impossible to get distracted by other people or chores around the house, being in the cinema allows you to sit alone in the dark with your fave snacks, embrace the silence and leave your phone in your bag. It’s the ultimate form of escapism and because its common courtesy not to talk or use your devices throughout movie screenings, there’s no guilt or FOMO associated with cutting yourself off from the world for two hours. To make the experience even more enjoyable, most cinemas these days screen a range of retro flicks so you can indulge in an old, personal favourite while you’re at it.

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Posted by Jessie25 •8d ago • Report
The post is awesome. It explores 5 ways to get more ‘me time’ in your life. The content mentions that picking the time to work, stay active and be social is hard enough, but frequently setting up moments for quality solo time can often appear an impractical task. You should find time for work along with going out for some relaxation. Work and relaxation moments should go hand in hand. Otherwise, you will become stressed and tensed. You have to find sufficient time to go out along with your family and friends to get rejuvenated so that you can get away from the stress and worries that you face from your everyday job.