How to Get Fit and Stay Motivated

It’s no secret that the silly season can be a diet destroyer. Find out how to jump on the fitness wagon, stick to it and lose the festive flab!

Champagne brunches, Christmas ham and homemade pudding are all amazing at the time and less appealing a week later. This year thousands of people began 2015 harboring several extra kilos of unwanted festive flab!

Getting back on the fitness wagon post festive season usually comes easily enough, but sticking to your health regime past February can be challenging as busy work schedules and social life demands kick in. So how do fitness gurus manage to keep motivated all year round?

Exercise physiologist Todd Howard from Snap Fitness says having an appropriate amount of support is essential to sticking to an exercise regime.

“Statistics show that 85% of new year resolutions remain in January," he says. "The underlying issue remains the same though, that unless people are educated enough and are receiving the right support they will fall off the wagon, become bored and slowly fall back into the trap of not having time or motivation to go to the gym. This generally can occur as early as February and is due to a combination of no guidance, no variety, no specific and measurable goals leading to a lack of motivation and lack of results.”

Todd, who owns and operates a number of Snap Fitness clubs in Australia, says it’s important to find an exercise environment that provides one on one support and guidance.

“I have a day to day involvement in all of my clubs and enjoy seeing members achieve great results. I offer all members one on one program and nutritional advice free of charge and we also run free boot camps for all members who are unable to afford personal training,” he says.


Here are Todd's top tips to help you stay on track with your health regime in 2011-

1. Recruit a friend or family member to get motivated with you. Going to the gym with someone creates accountability and increases your motivation

2. Join a gym that is not large and commercial where you will just become another number. Make sure if it is open 24/7 as our lives these days are not 9-5. Make sure it has staff employed to help and offer assistance free of charge whenever you need it.

3. Write out 11 individual monthly goals that all assist you in reaching your ultimate goal for December 2011. Make sure that these are measurable, realistic and specific.

4. Go out and buy yourself some new clothes for exercise. Looking and feeling the part is all part of the change. If you continue to wear your old clothes you will find it harder to notice personal change.

5. If finances allow – engage a Personal Trainer, however, make sure that the Personal Trainer has an interest or experience in what you are looking to achieve also. No point training with someone that does not have an interest in what you are trying to achieve. A good Personal trainer will manage your life across all areas not just see you once a week. This is great with motivation, education and support. All clients should hear from their trainer almost daily.

6. Get into a routine where the gym is as an important part of your week as eating, sleeping and going to work. Do not make appointments or arrangements in the times that you have allocated to exercise.

7. Reward yourself. Set small rewards for yourself as you go. If you achieve one of your goals reward yourself for that.

8. Ensure your program has variety. This is the number 1 reason people stop exercising. Make sure that each time you exercise you are doing a variety of exercises and that you are always challenging yourself. If you have a personal trainer then they should be ensuring that each session is different and that you do not know what is coming next. Change in location is also good. Don’t always walk on the same treadmill or ride the same bike.

9. Try to be active for at least 210 minutes per week. This is on top of all daily tasks and work. This is what I refer to my clients as “NEW ME TIME”.

10.Eat well and eat regularly. Nutrition is responsible for 90% of all physiological changes. If you are not eating well, then you are not giving yourself every possible chance to achieve results from exercise.

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