How To Get A Celebrity Body

Follow these top tips from Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Blake Worrall-Thompson on how to get a body that others will envy!

Do you ever have sleepless nights trying to solve some of life’s greatest mysteries? Like why do cockroaches always die on their backs? Or which of us is the ‘opposite sex’? Or why do chicks always open their mouth when they put mascara on? OR HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A CELEBRITY BODY…. Well you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to give you a little insight into what it takes to get a celebrity body.

I’m been lucky enough to train a couple of ‘celebs’ over the years both in the UK and in Australia with Nat Bass being one of the most successful ones and more recently Hi-5’s Lauren Brant who has one of the best bodies I’ve seen.

When it comes to getting a celebrity body I don’t care what Posh, Kimmy K and Miranda weigh, what is more important is:

1) A healthy ‘athletic’ body as opposed to a ‘skinny’ body
2) That in the process of striving towards your ‘ultimate body’ you don’t become an obsessed fruit cake who becomes unbearable to hang around
3) Body fat. The girls that I train know that I don’t care what their weight is, I only care about their body fat. Recently a few girls of the “6 weeks to sexy” girls have asked me what they should be aiming for. As a female the magic number is 18% which is what Loz’s bodyfat is. Here is what loz’s ‘beach body’ looks like.


I’m very lucky that a number of girls in the 6 Weeks to Sexy program have worked VERY HARD and look AMAZING at around 20% body fat- and to get that last 2% is challenging. Here are Loz’s tips on getting the celebrity body!

- Be mindful of EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth.
Get yourself a training diary and write down everything you eat. You’ll be surprised how much crap you put in your mouth and with a few subtle changes you’ll get rid of those last few inches.

- Lift your game an extra 10%.
There is a big difference between going to the gym and going HARD at the gym. That extra 10% effort and intensity will be the difference between a body that you’re ok with and a body you love.

- Recover properly.
It's so important to make sure that if you train hard you recover properly if you’re going to maintain a high level of training each and every week.

- Healthy body healthy mind.
Your state of mind plays a massive role on your body. The happier and more balanced you are the more radiant and healthy your body will look.

- Get the job done early. Getting the workout done first thing is the best approach to energise you for the day plus you don’t have to think about it all day!

So what are you going to do now? Do you look at that photo of Loz and tell yourself “damn, I could never look that good” and throw in the towel or do you use the photo as healthy inspiration and go “f*^k it, I love Lauren’s body and I’m going to work my arse off to get that lean ATHLETIC look”.

The choice is yours.

For more great Health Advice from Blake, ask him a question For HERE or check out his blog at

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