How to Exorcise the Exes

It appears a growing number of Australian’s are ‘recycling’ ex-partners, as opposed to looking for brand new romance. According to a poll* conducted by Twentieth Century Fox upon the release of new comedy, What’s Your Number?, 65% of people have tried to get back together with an ex-partner with 15% believing it was the best thing ever!

Even if a relationship is dead and buried, it seems Australians are still reluctant to sever all ties. Just 32% of people surveyed deleted an ex on Facebook after they split up with 60% of people stating they use social media sites like Facebook, to keep a track on what their ex is up to.

In What’s Your Number?, out now on DVD and Blu Ray marketing executive Ally Darling (Anna Faris) begins to panic after reading a magazine article which insists that if a woman has slept with 20 people or more, they have already missed Mr. Right. With the help of her hunky new neighbour (Chris Evans) Ally starts tracking down all her exes, hoping to find her real true love, while she helps him escape his latest fling. Hilarious adventures ensue as Ally goes on her wild search for the best ‘ex’ of her life, only to find what she is looking for has been right in front of her all along.

For Aussies who are still hoping to rekindle romance with an ex, What’s Your Number’s Anna Faris has a few words of wisdom. “Just because you dumped him once, it doesn’t mean he belongs in the dump. Men are like grass clippings, paper bags, chicken bones and old cars… They can be useful again!”

Tempted to track down an ex? Make sure you clean house on all those Facebook exes. Use this step-by-step guide to weed out those with potential and those who need to drop like they’re hot (which they’re not!)

1) Log on to your Facebook profile (sometimes a glass of wine helps loosen any inhibitions. Make a list and note which area no-go and which deserve another go.

2) Delete bad guys.Yup - we mean business here! If they've hurt you, are still a bartender/wannabe musician, or annoy you with stupid status updates - they have to go! Just think of it as making room for new dates.

3) If there are exes that can potentially be 'recycled', let's get to it! Try one of the following Facebook ideas, get out that little black dress and wait for his call!

* Comment on their posts: a great way to reconnect is by commenting on a recent photo, and remember, flattery gets you everywhere. "Wow, looking better than ever!" Don't comment on every one though, you don't want to look like a Facebook stalker. Keep comments short and appropriate, and don't always be there first to comment, that just seems TOO eager!

* Remind them what they're missing. Post a hot (really HOT) picture of yourself online, and then 'accidentally' tag him in it. Follow up with an immediate apology via private message. You're now having a one-on-one conversation, so bat those virtual eyelids!

* Flirt through a friend: find a mutual friend and engage their help, after all, we all prefer personal introductions. Ask your friend to introduce you via Facebook Messaging, pretending they don't know of your past. It's like cupid himself bestowed a second chance upon you, you can't deny fate, right?

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