How to Avoid Hidden Calories in Alcohol

Many people are conscious of eating healthily, especially after the festive period. But while many will start choosing healthier food options, we often lose sight of the calories we're consuming when drinking alchohol. A standard glass of wine has as many calories as a slice of cake, and a pint of beer could be substituted for a large donut!

Read on for expert nutritionist Lola Berry's top tips on how to avoid hidden calories in alcohol and how to choose some low-cal options, and enjoy a drink in the evening guilt free. We'll cheers to that!

Healthy Alcohol Hot Tips:

- Lowest calorie drink out there? It's vodka, soda and a twist of fresh lime juice. I like to add mint too. This is about as guilt free drinking gets, as there's no added sugar so your body only needs to burn off the alcohol - which it does straight away.

- How to make your white wine healthier? Try adding ice-cubes on a hot day, not only does it keep your wine cool, but it naturally lowers the sugar content of your drink by slightly diluting it.

- When it comes to beer, a low carb option is great if you're watching your waist line. This should help to prevent that "beer bloat" too. (Try new Maxx Blonde low carb beer)

- Go for reds for high antioxidant content, we've heard it before but red wines really are full of goodies. They contain polyphenols which are linked to preventing cardiovascular disease.

- Gin traditionally comes from juniper berries, so it's one of the least reactive alcohols you can consume. Lots of people with wheat intolerances react to vodkas which are made from fermented wheat (instead of potatoes which is what it is traditionally made from) so having a drink made with gin may help prevent an allergy-type reaction.

- Prevent free radical damage caused from drinking by adding berries to your champagne- they're full of antioxidants and will help to mop up any free radical damage caused from drinking a few too many!

- Weight Loss trick: when you're having dinner try to limit alcohol consumption to 1 or 2 glasses and then wait an hour or so before you begin drinking again if you're having a night out. Why? Because when we consume alcohol the body has to burn it off straight away, this means if your body is busy burning off alcohol at dinner you're food will be stored and not burnt off until you need more energy. So by drinking separately to a heavy meal you're preventing the body storing extra food as weight.

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