Horoscopes: Find Your Perfect Love Match

Find out how to tell if your partner is your perfect match, thanks to our resident Astrology expert. 

When you find someone new and special, it’s hard to know whether they could really be the 'one' - your perfect match, your spiritual half, your soulmate. After all, having similar values and goals, interests in common or twin senses of humor can only go so far. Even love itself isn’t always enough, unless your connection is graced by that certain, indefinable something.

So how can you know if this person is soulmate material?

In the beginning of a new love affair, everything about your relationship seems meant to be. If you meet by accident, it feels like fate. When they text or call, you almost literally hear birds singing. When you laugh at the same jokes or gaze into each other’s eyes, you feel that giddy rush of excitement that seems to be saying, “I’ve found the one!”

Finding your soulmate means you must let go of preconceived notions about your 'type' or your fantasy checklist of what constitutes the 'perfect lover.' You need to be open to possibility, so you can embrace the unexpected when it comes your way.

There are also certain general clues to look out for: Maybe you feel as if you’ve met before, perhaps in a past life - or even in this one - and if your paths crossed before you actually met or fell in love. Another sign might be the oddly perfect timing of your love affair, if you connect at a point when you’re both finally ready for and open to love.

And finally, there are also more specific indicators to look for, depending on your star sign - read on to learn more! And then try out my Zodiac Sign Love Compatability Calculator


Do you get an adrenaline rush when you look into your partner’s eyes? Would you go to the ends of the earth to defend your lover – and would they do the same for you? If so, they could be the one.


Does your partner get excited about mortgages, savings and future domestic bliss? Do they work extra hours in order to be able to treat you to something special? If so, he or she could be the one.


Can you stay up all night through just talking to your partner and putting the world to rights? Are they as keen as you are to learn new things and to broaden their mind? Yes? Then they could be the one.


Does your Mum like your partner – and do they like your Mum? When you talk about kids, do they smile and talk enthusiastically about nappies? If so, they could be the one.


Are you proud to show off your partner when you’re out and about? Does your lover resist doing what you tell them and show their own independence? Yes? Then they could be the one.


Does your partner take your constructive criticisms with good humor? Do they trust you to take care of the details of life? If so, they could be the one.


Is your partner like Prince or Princess Charming, only better? And real? And without the male chauvinism or a patronizing air? Yes? Then they could be the one.


Is your partner blunt enough to tell you when enough is enough, but emotional enough to share your tears? Can they see into your very soul – and would you let them? If so, they could be the one.


Do you agree on politics and ethics, or at least enjoy a good debate about it? Does he or she love to travel with you? Yes? Then they could be the one.


Does he or she share your work ethic and your commitment to your future? Do you know that you could grow old with him or her? If so, then they could be the one.


Does he or she brainstorm ideas with you, explore with you and give you the freedom to be all that you can be? Do they have their own interests and encourage yours too? If so, then they could be the one.


Does he or she provide a rock of stability when you’re worried or uneasy? Do they understand the true meaning of romance? Yes? Then they could be the one.

Want to find out more? Try our Love Compatibility Calculator!

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