Healthy Diet Tips For Summer!

Leading nutritionist Susie Burrell has some great nutritional tips to stay in shape and start healthy diet choices for everyday living:

- Remember, the bigger your breakfast, the better it is for your metabolism and for fat loss. Great options include eggs on wholegrain toast, muesli with fruit and thick yoghurt or a protein shake with skim milk and berries (include Teresa recipe here).

- Try drinking a green tea after each meal to help increase fat burning and manage sugar cravings.

- Set aside just half an hour each week, ideally on a Monday morning over a cup of coffee to plan your meals and snacks in advance – remember planning is the key to dietary success. You are less likely to need to pick up takeaway each week or raid the vending machine, if you have the foods you need to eat well on hand.

- We all need three cups of vegetables or salad each day. To get this amount we need to have a serve of salad with lunch, ½ a plate of vegetables or salad at dinner as well as a snack of carrot, red capsicum or celery before dinner. You can also try cutting up your fresh vegetables and keeping them in a bowl in the fridge – the whole family will eat more this way.

- Aim for your snacks to contain<600kj, no="" more="" than="" 30g="" total="" carbohydrate="" and="" at="" least="" 5g="" of="" protein="" to="" achieve="" the="" right="" mix="" of="" low="" gi="" carbohydrates="" for="" energy,="" protein="" for="" fullness="" while="" avoiding="" a="" kilo="" joule="" overload.="">

- Aim to eat every 3-4 hours to optimise your metabolism

- A protein shake makes a great filling snack choice, post workout recovery meal or breakfast replacement for busy people on the go.

- Snacking on cut up vegetables is a great way to make sure you are getting all of your vitamins and minerals as well as keeping those late afternoon hunger pangs at bay.

- Planning is the key to dietary success – always carry your protein rich snacks with you to avoid being tempted by high kilo joule foods.

- If you are craving sugar late afternoon, make sure you are including enough salad and lean protein foods with your lunch.

Top 5 Snack Foods

- 2 slices of cheese and wholegrain crackers
- Tub of thick yoghurt
- Protein bar (add name here)
- Protein muffin (Teresa recipe)
- Nut based muesli bar

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