Health Trend: Standing Desks

The latest trend in workplace wellbeing is working at a standing desk, claiming health benefits from posture miracles to weights loss wonders.

We can all agree that sitting on your tush for extended periods isn’t going to do much for your waistline or hunchback. But what is the reality of having one of these adjustable desk contraptions set up in your workspace? The growing cult-like following of standing converts will tell you they feel incredible and that being a lone head jutting out in the sea of normal office desk workers doesn’t feel weird at all.

Like many people ready for change at the start of a new year, I decided to take charge of my health and find out for myself.

The friendly folk over at VARIDESK sent me a fancy adjustable standing desk in white and big enough to accommodate my dual monitors, coffee, water and books. After 1 month of diligent use, here is where I stand on standing desks.

What is a standing desk? 
A standing desk is an adjustable desk that should allow you to easily go from a sitting position to a standing position that can be adjusted to your height for comfort.

You can get a whole desk that is adjustable, or just buy an adjustable top to sit on a desk like the one I am using from VARIDESK. The benefit here is that you can take it with you wherever your work is based.

Why use it
The reported health benefits of standing while you work is based on research that suggests long periods of being sedentary can contribute to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Medical News Today reported that up to 80% of work hours are spent sitting, placing us at increased risk for many sedentary-related pathologies. They also discovered that it improved cognition in high school students.

A separate study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, found that standing desks reduce pain in the lower back and neck and aid concentration.

Sounds amazing huh?

The reality
At first it did feel strange to be upright and surrounded by sitters. My desk mate also commented that he felt I was now much closer and looming over him. We both got over these feelings in a couple of days though, so persevere!

In the first week I also had a little soreness in my lower back, but I discovered that I wasn’t sitting down regularly. VARIDESK have an app to help you with this and I recommend using it. 

The following week I began noticing an increase of energy as the day went on. I realised that slumping over my desk at 5pm was actually causing me to feel tired, and inversely, I found that being on my feet made me feel much more awake and lively at the end of the day. I was also experiencing more restful sleeps, and realised my usual aches and pains that caused me to toss and turn had eased up a little.

So, should you get one?
Yes. The ranges of health benefits are well documented and my own personal experience has me convinced.

The cost can be a little on the steep side, but for me an investment in your health is a no-brainer.

What’s the worst that could happen? You may lose some weight, fix that twinge in your neck and not be nodding off in the afternoon. All wins from where I’m standing!

For more info, check out:

The VARIDESK in action.

Want more? We thought you might like this video.

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Posted by Jon134Report
I know what you mean! I I am 70 years old and all I can think of is football and my lift chair now.
This is the sort of Chair I have -
its my second bed.
Posted by Olivia494Report
I am all in for standing desks.. but I keep thinking my grandma's lift chair. I Feel like I want to curl up in her ILS lift chair and just snack on a pizza instead. I NEED TO EXERCISE!! GAH