Top 20 Greek mythology baby names

From Andrew and Jason to Anthea and Helen, some of the most popular baby names of today actually come from ancient Greek mythology and its gods and goddesses.

Greek mythology is the ancient body of stories featuring heroes that could explain rituals and history to the people of the 5th Century. 

The gods names are varied and interesting and each one has a rich and fascinating history, meaning they can make the perfect baby name

Looking for Greek mythology baby name inspiration?

Here are the top 20 Greek mythology baby names 

Greek God Baby Names for Boys

10. Apollo

God of light, arts and knowledge
Pronunciation: a-pol-lo
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Apollo was the most beautiful god and the son of Zeus and Leto and twin of Artemis, he is considered to be the god of all gods.

Nicknames for Apollo: Pollo, Poll, Polo

9. Hephaestus

Greek god of fire
Pronunciation: heh-fays'-tuhsplu
Origin: Greek
Gender: MaleHephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera, he crafted and served as a blacksmith to the gods.

Nicknames for Hephaestus: Heph, Heff, Hephy

8. Pluto

King of the underworld
: plu-toe
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Pluto, often called Hades was brother to Zeus. He was banished to the underworld and had difficulty finding a mate so he made his own daughter Persephone marry him and become queen of the underworld.

Nicknames for Pluto: Plu, Plutes, Uto

7. Zeus

King of the gods and god of the sky, thunder, lightning and fate
Pronunciation: zoo-sus
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
One of the most famous Greek gods and often considered the main leader and King of the Gods in Greek Mythology, Zeus was a leader from birth with even his siblings calling father rather than brother.

Nicknames for Zeus: Zoo, Z, Zeusy

6. Ares

God of war
Pronunciation: air'-eez
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Ares was one of the highest gods, he was god of war and represented bloodlust, courage and ferocity.

Nicknames for Ares: Arie, Ary, Res, Rez

5. Kratos

God of strength and power
Pronunciation: kray-tos
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Kratos showed strength and power in everything he did. He was brother to Nike, Bia and Zelus and was amongst the first to stand alongside Zeus.

Nicknames for Kratos:  Krat, Kray, Krate

4. Hermes

God of travel and trade
Pronunciation: hair'-meez
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Hermes was the messenger of the gods with extraordinary social skills and quick wit.

Nicknames for Hermes: Hermie, Herme, Herm, Mez, Mezzy

3. Poseidon

God of the sea
Pronunciation: puh-sy'-duhn
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
One of the most famous 12 gods and goddesses, Poseidon is son of Cronos and Rhea and brother to Zeus, Hades, Demeter, Hestia and Hera. He and his three brothers had equal ruling over the land but Poseidon was dangerously powerful.

Nicknames for Poseidon: Pos, Don, Donny, Donnie, Si, Sie

2. Zephyr

Greek god of the west wind
Pronunciation: ze-fiur
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Zephyr (Zephyrus) not only was the god of the west wind but the god of spring and was husband to many wives.

Nicknames for Zephyr: Zeph, Zephy, Zep, Zeppy, Z, Zee

1. Dionysus

God of wine
Pronunciation: dy-uh-ny'-suhs
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Also known as Bacchus, Dionysus was known as the liberator whose wine would make his followers free. He was the son of Zeus and Persephone.

Nicknames for Dionysus: Di, Dion, Seez, Dio, Diony

Greek Goddess Names for Girls

10. Athena

Greek goddess of wisdom and intelligence (variation: Antheia)
Pronunciation: a-thee'na
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

One of the most powerful goddesses, Athena was one of Zeus’ many daughters. It is said she came out of the womb in armour ready for battle.

Nicknames for Athena: Attie, Thena, Ath, Eena, Na, Athy, At

9. Gaia

Goddess of Earth
Pronunciation: guy'-uh
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Gaia is the mother of Earth, she was the creator of the sky and the sea. Which is why one of her offspring was called Uranus.

Nicknames for Gaia: G, Gae, Gay, Guy

8. Artemis

Greek goddess of hunting and the moon
Pronunciation: ahr'-tuh-mis
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Artemis was not only a hunter but a healer who had a way with animals. She was twin brother to Apollo and daughter of Zeus and Leto.

Nicknames for Artemis: Art, Artie, Arty, Arta

7. Aphrodite

Greek goddess of love, desire and pleasure
Pronunciation: af-roh-dy'-tee
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Known by the Romans are Venus, Aphrodite was described as one of the most beautiful greek goddesses.

Nicknames for Aphrodite: Aphy, Dite, Aphro, Affy, Afro

6. Hera

Goddess of goddesses, women and marriage
Pronunciation: ee-ra
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Also known as the queen of Gods, Hera means Lady and was considered the alpha female of all of the goddesses.

Nicknames for Hera: Hery, Heri, Hey, H

5. Persephone

Goddess of Spring
Pronunciation: per-seff-uh-knee
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Persephone was married to the God of the underworld, Pluto but in spring should would return to Earth to inspire new life.

Nicknames for Persephone: Persy, Percy, Per, Perse, Pers

4. Nike

Goddess of victory
Pronunciation: ni-key
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Nike also known by the Romans as Victoria means victory. She and her siblings (Kratos, Bia and Zelus) represented four strong gods and goddesses.

Nicknames for Nike: Ni, Nikey, Nik, Nikki, Nicky

3. Iris

Greek goddess of the rainbow
Pronunciation: eye-ris
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Iris was a rainbow goddess and also messenger of the gods, she was the daughter of Thaumas and Electra.

Nicknames for Iris: Irie, Iri, Ire

2. Selene

Goddess of the moon
Pronunciation: sil-een
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

Selene or Luna was goddess to the moon and worshipped Apollo, the god of the sun.

Nicknames for Selene: Sel, Sellie, Sely, Seli, Sels, Leena, Leenie

1. Bia

Goddess of force
Pronunciation: vee-aa
Origin: Greek
Gender: Female

One of the powerful four, Bia was known for her fiery temper and passion.

Nicknames for Bia: Vee, B, V, Vivi

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