Goggleboxers reveal 'The best advice my mum ever gave me'

Let's be honest, nobody gives better advice than your mum. She's filled with sage gems on everything from love to life skills and her words of wisdom always ring true (even if you're not happy to hear them at the time).

Ahead of Mother's Day, the Goggleboxers share the best lessons the most important women in their lives has taught them. 

Di Kershaw

"One of the best things my mother taught me was to sew. She was a great seamstress, here in this photo on my wedding day she made both of our dresses. Thanks to her I can use a sewing machine, not quite as well as her, however, it is really a very useful skill.

Anastasia Katselas

"A man should only ever know you from the waist down. Keep the upper body a secret."


Faye Kontos

"Fotini (that’s my Greek name) you have a lot of friends, your true ones are counted on one hand (remember that my daughter and you will be fine). Also, don’t trust all but love everyone with a smile."


Jad Nehmetallah

"To find and marry a woman like your mother."

Matty Fahd

"Find a woman who won't give up when things get tough. Life will be full of ups and downs and a woman who will endure the downs with you is a keeper."


Tom Walsh

"My mum always said, ''Never to go to bed angry, it’s bad for your relationship and your health'. No truer words ever said that’s how Wayne and I have lasted 18 years together and why I look 29 not my real age of 50. Even if I would rather strangle Wayne than say goodnight, the last thing we do is to always give each other a kiss and say 'I love you' when we go to bed, I swear you wake in the morning and all of yesterday’s troubles have dissolved away, as well as your wrinkles."

Wayne Walsh

"Mum was my greatest teacher, a teacher of kindness, love and courage. She always said, 'Remove your blinkers and see the world around you. The person you are looking for could be standing right in front of you no matter their sex, race or religion'."

Stacey Jackson

"You should probably just sing when you’re at home."

Grant Jackson

"Don’t tell your dad."

Adam Densten

"My mum Cathie (with a C, and never 'Cath') not only taught me how to cook so I wouldn't get scurvy, but she taught me how to sacrifice and that sometimes, for your family and friends, you have to put yourself second. I'll never be as good as she is at it, but I'm trying every day!"

Symon Lovett

"I remember I tried to quit football halfway through the season and Mum made me go. She said, 'You’ve made a commitment to your teammates and you’ll honour that until the season finishes'. Being true to your word and honourable is so important."




Kate Dalton

"My mum's best advice is an oldie but a goodie about keeping positive in life: 'Smile and world smiles with you… cry and you cry alone.'"

Holly Dalton

"You get out of life what you put into it."

Millie Dalton

"No matter who enters your life, never lose sight of who you are."

Kerry, Emmie and Isabelle Silbery

Kerry: "Em's advice was to, 'Make the best of what you’ve got. Life is too short.'”

Emmie: "My mum died when I was too young to get any real advice from her."

Isabelle: The best advice my mum Kerry ever gave me was to 'breathe'. If you forget to breathe, you can't think!"


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