Get A Great Butt!

Peter Suttle, Director of Butlers in the Buff and a former personal trainer, says getting a great bottom is all about fewer weights and more repetitions. Here are some of his must-do exercises ...

Squats; Otherwise known as the 'The King of exercises', the squat is the number one exercise for building the quads, hamstring and glutes. This can be done in the gym as a weight bearing exercise or in the comfort of your own home. Place your feet shoulder width apart and descend slowly by bending at the knees and hips. Always keep knees behind your toes and keep chest and chin up right. Perform downwards reps slowly at high reps for the ultimate burn to the behind and legs.

Alternating Lunges; Start in a standing position. Take a step forward whilst keeping your back upright. Bending at the knee joint lower your self slowly to the ground. Pushing through the heel, take yourself back to the starting position making sure back remains straight. Alternate your legs.

Floor Bridge; Lie flat on your back in the supine position with knees bent and feet flat. Activate your core by pulling your belly button in and squeezing your glutes. Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, pelvis and shoulders form a straight line. For the ultimate progression why not try this one with a single leg.

Roller Blading; This is not only a great cardio vascular workout, it will also give you a bum to die for. This exercise will shape and tone your butt into a masterpiece.

Power step-ups; Place one foot on a step 6-18 inches high and one foot on the ground with both feet pointing forward. Forcefully push off the step leg as high as you can, keeping control of the movement. Switch legs for the landing. Repeat quickly, keeping back straight at all times.

Butt Blaster; Start in a neutral spine on hands and knees. Take a deep breath in while pulling in your navel. As you exhale squeeze your gluts and raise bent leg towards the ceiling. Only move as far as you can maintain alignment of your spine. Try not to rotate your body. The range of movement is quite small but this will certainly hit the spot.

Hill walking; Get the walking gear on and work that bum while exploring the great out doors. Walking or running at an incline will increase your heart rate and make your muscles work harder.

Romanian deadlifts; Other wise known as a 'straight leg deadlift' this weight bearing exercise should be done under supervision by a personal trainer at the gym until you get use to the movement. With a barbell in your hands bend at the hip joint maintaining neutral spine until you feel a nice pull on the hamstrings. Contract glutes and extend hips to the start position. This is awesome for toning the hamstrings and glutes.

Infromation courtesy of Butlers in the Buff who are currently available for bookings across NSW, starting from approximately $100 per hour. For more information, visit

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